Intels next innovation, a High Tech Vending maching?

Rizwan Anwer

Intel not only makes your favorite Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 chips along with your favorite motherboards but did you know they make high tech vending machines as well? this particular vending machine, its hard to believe that this vending machine was discovered at Intel's Computex booth, (nerds gotta drink as well right?)

The glass case which showed a variety of products is gone and you have a touch screen interface which shows you what is available and what isn't along with prices as well, the glass display shows you more information about the product your buying and more advertisement space but the draw back is the cool animation i mean watching the bag of chips uncoil in front of you and fall to the slot is no longer available. But at least you no longer have to worry about your order getting stuck in the coil right?

Even more shocking is the fact that this vending machine has a hidden camera which estimates the gender and age of the buyer this is great because it will make a presentation according to the statistics, and this vending machine is not only consumer friendly but its also a great way for the vendor to know what age group, gender and what product people want the most at a specific vending machine, that way the vendor can provide additional cans of coca cola, additional bags of chips etc if those are the popular buys of the customer so that the customer won't have to worry about insufficient amount of chips for him self or anyone else especially if this machine is located in a heavily populated area like an office or a shopping mall.

And you will find the most shocking part to be that this entire machine is operating under a Core2Duo processor! not a quad core, not an i7 but a simple Core2Duo processor is managing these machines.

I have to say Intel has indeed taken the world by surprise, if these vending machines become public and available at places like bus stations, air ports etc this can help make things a lot simpler and look really awesome no? imagine this machine at your office, no more delays cause of faulty machinery, no more losing money to coil malfunctions and best of all you never have to worry about your favorite product running out.

I just hope this thing goes more commercial in the near future and this also makes you wonder what other technology has Intel stashed away? perhaps a futuristic terminator? or George Jetson's flying car? oh well for now let's hope this vending machine goes commercial sometime in the near future.

Here are some pics to show you what it looked like





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