Noctua Displays Prototype Coolers at Computex 2010.

Hassan Mujtaba

Noctua displayed some prototypes of its upcoming next-generation coolers at Computex 2010 in Taiwan. The coolers were displayed at the Noctua's Computex booth and here are the specs of the coolers:

120mm U-Type Cooler

  • Next Generation Single Tower Cooler.
  • 7 Heat-Pipes.
  • Excellent Heat Distribution throughout the cooling fins.
  • Optimal Compatibility with High Ram Modules.
  • Single or Dual 120mm Fan Setup.

92mm D-Type Cooler

  • Compact Dual Tower design.
  • 95mm Square shape for optimal compatibilty with LGA 1156.
  • 4 Heat-pipes.
  • 92mm fan.

120mm D-Type Cooler

  • Performance level close to NH-D14 flagship cooler.
  • Smaller size for improved compatibility.
  • Optimal compatibility with high ram Modules in single fan mode.
  • 6 Heat-pipes
  • Upto 3 120mm fans.

Here are the pictures from Noctua's Computex booth:


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