Intel’s Alder Lake Pentium Gold G7400 & Celeron G6900 Entry-Level CPUs Listed

Intel's Entire 12th Gen Alder Lake Non-K Desktop CPU Lineup Leaked By Colorful & ASUS

Intel's entry-level Alder Lake-powered Pentium and Celeron CPUs aiming at the sub-$100 US price segment have been listed online & discovered by Momomo_US.

Intel to manufacture new Celeron & Pentium Gold CPUs for their 12th Gen Alder Lake line

It is currently being speculated that what we are seeing could be more additions to their newest 12th Gen Alder Lake family of CPUs. There was a mild possibility of coming from the company's refresh of Comet Lake family CPUs, but with the particular specifications of both CPUs, it would point more to their 12th Gen Core CPUs.

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The last time we have seen either the Pentium Gold or Celeron CPU versions was during Intel's 10th Gen Comet Lake series. During Intel's 11th Gen Rocket Lake core processors, Intel never manufactured any SKUs from the Core i3 or below. In fact, Intel chose to increase the clock speed on their Comet Lake processors during that time, but no major changes were made.

Is it possible that Team Blue plans to manufacture new versions of their entry-level CPUs to make additional sales on less expensive chips, especially during the mass shortage that is plaguing all chip manufacturers?

In the screenshot, the two models shown are the Intel Pentium Gold G7400 & Celeron G6900. These will more than likely replace the previous Pentium Gold G6400 and Celeron G5900 chips from the previous lines. It is speculated that the two new chips will showcase a dual-core design and with the Pentium Gold chip to receive Hyper-Threading. The particular part numbers for the two chips listed also begin with "BX80715," which shares the same numbers as the Alder Lake CPUs. The Pentium Gold G7400 is listed for $123 CAD which converts to $97 US while the Celeron G6900 is listed for $91 CAD which converts to $72 US. Considering that these are early listings, the final pricing could be even lower.

Due to the fact that both Core i3 and certain Core i5 variations don't come close to supporting Alder Lake's hybrid microarchitecture, it is assumed the two new CPUs will only be able to support the previous Golden Cove's "Performance" cores. The Intel Pentium Gold G7400's base clock is 300 MHz lower than the G6400 model and that the Celeron G6900 processor from the new Alder Lake line will maintain the 3.4 GHz base clock as its predecessor had. The Pentium Gold model has 6 MB of L3 cache while the Celeron model carries 4MB of L3 cache, which is much higher than previous Comet Lake variants.

Intel has released information on the release of their non-K CPUs appearing in early 2022, and it is anticipated that the two chips from Intel listed above will release after that series.

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