Intel Tablet Chipsets Roadmap Leaked

Intel recently has been deep into the mobile chipset world. Intel introduced many System on chips ( SOC's) for use in tablets and putting up a good fight in an industry which is dominated by ARM based chipsets. You may have seen many tablets housing chipsets from Intel's bay-trail series.

Intel Android/Windows Tablet Roadmap Leaked

Intel doesn't really follow the Tick-Tock path when designing mobile processors. Some of the new processors which will be introduced by Intel in 2014 will be the Z3775D/E and the Z3735F/G. This naming scheme looks slightly confusing when comparing with other ARM based chipsets.

Intel Tablet

Intel is looking to aim the lower end of the food chain by introducing processors down to the $99 range and all the way up to $200 range. Some of the chipsets will fully support Windows while others will support both Android and Windows. This roadmap has been taken from a chinese tablet manufacturer which was going to use Intel processors in it's various tablets.

According to the source, the Z3735F/G will be released in Q3 2014 while the Z3735D/E will be launched in Q2 2014. Towards the end we see Intel readying it's Cherry Trail platform. Cherry trail is slated to be released at the end of 2014 and we can expect it to become common in tablets early 2015.

This Intel Tablet roadmap was taken from a tablet company, so whether Intel follows it remains to be seen, however it is quite sure that Intel will get stiff competition from ARM based chipset makers like Qualcomm and even MediaTek. Mediatek is especially dangerous because it's products are targeted at the low end consumers. Intel needs to come up with chipsets for both ends of the spectrum to succeed.

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