Intel Skylake-S iGPU Will Have DirectX12 and 4K Resolution Support

We have received an update on the Skylake-S iGPU front from Fudzilla has been rock solid about Intel leaks in the past, so I won't be tagging this as a rumor. It looks like the Skylake-S CPUs will have DirectX12 compatibility and 4K resolution support. iGPUs have really come around in the past few years (we can thank AMD for the competition) and this is great news for OEMs and users who rely only on the iGPU.Intel Broadwell and Skylake Platform

DirectX 12 and 4K Resolution Support to be Featured in Intel Skylake-S

We have already released quite a lot of Info on Skylake-S including the fact that it will be launching alongside Broadwell-K and will consist entirely of locked multiplier CPUs on release. Skylake-S is ofcourse based on 14nm and will feature optimized architecture with the downside of no unlocked multiplier. As before we have already covered details regarding Skylake-S's iGPU before but we have a few things to add to that. For e.g the fact that Skylake-S integrated graphics will be fully compatible with DX12. Whether or not it will support all the hardware based functions of DirectX 12 is unknown. But looking at the time frame of the launch, I think this is a real possibility.

The latest version of Open GL (5.x) will also be supported alongside the latest version of Open CL (2.x). HEVC codecs VP8 and VP9 will be supported. Resolution up to 4096x2304 (4K) which is a 16:10 aspect ratio. Ofcourse there is no way on this earth that you will be able to play any modern game at that resolution, but the iGPU should suffice for 4k video playback and general screen management. This will be coupled with Intel's 100 Series chipset, this will be led by the Intel Z170 Chipset. It will support DMI and PCIe 3.0 up to 8GT/s. The source also mentions that this is all in time for 20nm GPUs that are coming in mid-2015.

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