Massive Intel 14nm Skylake Leak – Multiple eDRAM Configurations and Desktop Variant to have Configurable TDP

We just received a major leak that updates the original Intel Skylake leak published some time ago. We have now learned more details about the Skylake's different variants especially the desktop 'S' variant including the TDP, eDRAM and Memory configurations. Needless to say this is a very big leak and is going to be a detailed post, so buckle up.

Intel 14nm Skylake Details Leaked -Configurations, TDP, Memory and eDRAM Detailed

Alright, let me begin by saying that since this is an aggregate post which has the latest leak included the sources are numerous. We have our Own Sources, Sweclockers and CPU World. You may recall that Skylake is coming in 4 flavors, namely the U/Y/H and S variants. The 'S' variant is the variant intended for desktops while the U, Y and H variants are all BGA packaged variants intended for the mobile platform. We received a very extensive description that updates our original leak. Before we had a hazy idea about the different TDP ranges but now we can assign those TDP ranges to the specific eDRAM and Graphics Configurations. Basically one of the biggest points of Skylake is that it will feature support for  DDR4 Ram and will be based on the 100 Chipset 'Sunrise Point' of the 'Sunrise Bay' platform.

  • Now Variant 'U' and 'Y' will integrate this PCH (Platform Control Hub) on the die while the 'S' and 'H' variants will not and require the chip separately.
  • The DMI 2.0 is getting replace with the DMI 3.0 Interface that promises speeds of upto 8 GT/s.
  • Variants 'U' and 'Y' will support 1 DIMM Slot per Channel while the 'S' and 'H' Variants will support 2 DIMMs per channel.
  • The IVR (Internal Voltage Regulator) is to be abandoned for Skylake Processors.

Now take a look at the table below, I have tried my best to sum it up in a coherent fashion but I think it still needs an explanation afterwords:

Intel 14nm Skylake Configuration Table - WCCFTech
Cores Configurations22 / 24 / 44 / 2 / 4
Graphic ConfigurationsGT2GT2 / GT3eGT2 / GT4eGT2 / GT2 / GT4e
eDRAM-64MB - GT3e128MB - GT4e64MB - GT4e
MemoryLPDDR3 1600MhzLPDDR3 1600MhzDDR4 2133MhzDDR3L/DDR3L-RS 1600Mhz, DDR4 2133Mhz

So basically the table displays the different configurations of the Intel Skylake Variants, complete with the eDRAM and TDP information. We see that variants Y and U will only support DDR3 Memory while as H and S will indeed support DDR4 Memory. Since the S Variant supports multiple memory types, motherboard manufacturers will have to work a little harder and come up with different models with different memory types. Anyways the summary of the configurations are as follows:

  • SKL-Y Config 1: 2 Cores with GT2 Graphics and LPDDR3 1600Mhz Memory Support. TDP is 4W andeDRAM statistics are unknown, most likely because it will not have eDRAM.
  • SKL-U Config 1: 2 Cores with GT2 Graphics and LPDDR3 1600Mhz Memory Support with 15W TDP.
  • SKL-U Config 2: 2 Cores with GT3e Graphics and 64MB of eDRAM, supports LPDDR3 1600Mhz Memory and 28W TDP.
  • SKL-H Config 1: 4 Cores with GT2 Graphics and DDR4 2133Mhz Memory Support. TDP is 35W.
  • SKL-H Config 2: 4 Cores with GT4e Graphics and DDR4 2133Mhz Memory Support. Features 128MB eDRAM and a TDP of 45W.
  • SKL-S Processors will support dual memory type namely the DDR3L/DDR3L-RS 1600Mhz and DDR4 2133Mhz. They will also support configurable TDP and come in two models, namely the 35W and 65W designs with the exception of the quad core (GT2 Only) which will come in a 95W TDP Design.
  • SKL-S Config 1: 2 Cores with GT2 Graphics and Dual Memory and Dual TDP.
  • SKL-S Config 2: 4 Cores with GT2 Graphics with Dual Memory and 95W TDP.
  • SKL-S Config 3: 4 Cores with GT4e Graphics with Dual Memory and 64MB of eDRAM. These will feature Dual TDP.

On a concluding note I would like to add that many of these models support configurable TDPs so the SKUs might see more adjustments before they roll out, although the chances of that happening are quite low at this point. That's all folks.

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