Intel Sandy Bridge-E Platform Officially Released, Core i7 3960X and Core i7 3930K Redefine High Performance Computing


Intel has finally launched its much anticipated High End Sandy Bridge-E Platform with the release of two new Core i7 Processors. Both Processors, Core i7 3960X and Core i7 3930K are supported by the LGA 2011 Socket motherboards featuring the X79 PCH Chipset.

The Core i7 3960X is available for 1049$ here, This flagship processor of the Sandy Bridge-E platform boasts 6 Cores and 12 Threads, stock clocked at 3.33Ghz and Turbo Boosting upto 3.9Ghz. Other features are a 130W TDP design and 15Mb of L3 Cache while also featuring an Integrated Memory Controller to support Quad Channel DDR3 Interface.

The Core i7 3930K on the other hand is priced at 599$ here, Featuring the same 6 Cores and 12 Threads while clocked at a 100Mhz Lower Stock frequency of 3.2Ghz and Turbo Boost of 3.8Ghz. L3 Cache is lower to 12Mb while the TDP design is the same of 130W.

The Sandy Bridge-E Processors are available for both Professional and Desktop Usage however the performance leap over current LGA 1155 Sandy Bridge processors isn't much great. The Multi Threaded Apps and the Quad Channel memory surely are great features and the extra cores do help to churn out massive performance results in the multi-threaded tasks, such as digital content creation and processing but using these monstrosities for Gaming and normal desktop usage is a waste of cash.

The Single Core IPC Performance of the processors is a tad bit slower than Sandy Bridge but faster than the LGA 1366 X58 Platform. The Extra amount of PCI-e lanes would also be useful for users with Multi GPU configurations but for Gaming needs, LGA 1155 is enough.

Overclocking potential is not great at the moment but Intel has said that it would fix and improve in the new C3 stepping which would launch in Q1 2012 along with a new Quad Core Core i7 3820 Processor for Sandy Bridge-E. Additional cooling is required while overclocking beyond 4.5Ghz. The Stock Cooler is supplied separately  for a retail price of 20$ while the new Liquid-Cooling System (RTS2011LC) would be available around 85-100$.

Finally, There are also reports that Intel would launch a new Flagship Processors Core i7 3980X in Q3 2012 along with the new D Stepping. Complete set of Sandy Bridge-E processor and Motherboard reviews below:

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