Intel Displays DX79SI (LGA 2011) Motherboard and RTS2011LC CPU Water Cooler for Sandy Brdige-E at IDF 2011


Intel has displayed a new Motherboard featuring the X79 Chipset and Water Cooling Solutions for its Upcoming Sandy Bridge-E Processors at the IDF 2011 Event.

The new motherboard "Intel DX79SI" is features the X79 Chipset and LGA 2011 Socket to support the Sandy Bridge-E processors which will release in Q4 2011. The X79 being the successor to the old X58 chipset would become the new flagship platform from Intel available to the desktop users.

Coming to the Specs, The DX79SI consists of Eight DDR3 DIMM Slots (4 on each sides of the socket) allowing for Quad Channel memory support which allows for 33% Bandwidth gain over Tri Channel and 100% gain over Dual Channel memory configurations. The VRM and Power Area is concentrated on North and South side of the socket where typically the northbridge is located on other boards. Both areas of the VRM are equipped with Passive Heatsinks so heat wont be an issue on this board.

The CPU Socket also has a backplate which will allow for easier installation of Massive heatsinks. The board includes 3 PCI-e 3.0 x16 slots (16x,8x,8x electrical), One PCI-e 3.0x1 and a single PCI Slot. The X79 Chipset is located at the Southbridge area which also comes equipped with its own heatsink featuring a Skull logo which is also seen on many of Intel's High End X58 boards.

Being an Enthusiast level board, Intel did include some overclock friendly features such as LED Post indicator, Power/Reset buttons. Storage includes two SATA 3 6GBps ports and two SATA 2 3Gbps ports due to removal of SAS port. Backpanel I/O features  USB 3.0 ports on the I/O panel, six USB 2.0 ports, a Firewire port, five audio ports with an optical SPDIF output, two Intel Gigabit LAN ports and a clear CMOS switch. All this comes in an ATX package, Release date is expected when Sandy Bridge-E is released.

Next up is Intel's own branded Water Cooling Solution for its Sandy bridge-E Processors. It was already revealed by us here that Intel would not ship its CPU with stock cooler and hence consider shipping them separately. The new RTS2011LC CPU Water Cooler has been manufacturer by Asetek (A Renowned Water Cooling Manufacturer), The Cooler uses a Cooper Block heatsink which houses the pump and is equipped with flexible tubes which run their way inside the reservoir which includes a 120mm which cools the liquid. The Intel logo on top of the heatsink has a blue LED which lids up when the PC is powered ON.

The Heatsink although made for LGA2011 is also compatible with the older sockets such as LGA1155, LGA1156, and LGA1366. It would be made available with Sandy Bridge-E Launch at a price of 99$.