Intel Roadmap Confirms i7-3970X in Q4, Ivy Bridge-E based i7-4900 Extreme Processors arriving in Q3 2013

Hassan Mujtaba

It was already confirmed that Intel was readying a new flagship processor by the name of Core i7-3970X for its LGA 2011 HEDT platform, Now a roadmap has been shown by BSN which confirms that launch of this processor in Q4 2012 along with the successor Ivy Bridge-E i7-4900 CPU's arrival in Q3 2013.

Intel's Core i7-3970X would be based on the 32nm Sandy Bridge architecture featuring 6 cores and 12 threads running at the 3.5GHz stock and 4.0GHz Turbo boost frequency, also 15MB of L3 cache. The processor would replace the i7-3960X and priced at $999. Arrival is expected in late Q4 2012.

Image Courtesy of Bright Side of News!

Moving on to 2013, In Q3 of that year Intel would launch the Ivy Bridge-E 22nm based Core i7-4900 Extreme processor family. They would be showcased at Computex 2013 and the lineup would consist of the Core i7-4930, 4960, 4970 and also an i7-4990 part. All processors would support DDR3-1866 and compatibility with LGA2011 socket.

We don't have more details available yet but expect them to be revealed soon as launch date nears. In the meanwhile you can check out details on Ivy Bridge-EP and Brickland/Gratley platforms. 

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