Intel Meteor Lake Integrated Graphics Gets Initial Support Within Linux 5.20

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An Intel Meteor Lake test chip from Fab 42. (Image Credits: CNET)

Phoronix reports that the final DRM-intel-gt-next changes designed for the future Linux 5.20 kernel have been submitted for DRM-Next initialization. The last additions of code offer considerable modifications, with initial Meteor Lake graphics materials becoming listed in the upcoming kernel.

Intel finalizes Meteor Lake graphics support for Linux 5.20, including DRM-Next modifications

The company reported earlier this month that it is working on patches for the Meteor Lake graphics driver inside the unreleased Linux 5.20 kernel. Readers will remember that Meteor Lake is the successor to Raptor Lake, which will be released later this year.

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The initial Meteor Lake patches for the i915 kernel graphics driver have been placed in the queue for Linux 5.20.

The new patches establish Meteor Lake having Intel's Xe_LPD+ "Display version 14" abilities, as well as version 13 media block, and add version 12.70 for the graphics portion. The two new additions are an upgrade from the previous "version 13" display engine for Intel's Xe LPD, which surpasses the "version 12" media block that has seen use in current hardware, and a minor update for the Intel graphics. Meteor Lake will have the same capability as the Xe HP DG2 and Alchemist discrete graphics but will be featured in the company's brand-new 14th Gen Core processors (Meteor Lake).

The initial kernel driver code adds Meteor Lake graphics PCI IDs as

  • 0x7D40
  • 0x7D43
  • 0x7DC0
  • 0x7D45
  • 0x7D47
  • 0x7D55
  • 0x7D60
  • 0x7DC5
  • 0x7DD5
  • 0x7DE0

Driver user-space API modifications surrounding minimal BAR support, local memory PCIe resizable BAR (ReBAR) support, several minor driver fixes, and other low-level alterations have been added to Linux 5.20 in addition to Meteor Lake support sent in for this drm-intel-gt-next pull. Intel also added the company counted more device IDs for the company's DG2 and Arctic Sound M into the upcoming kernel. While still in development, early Ponte Vecchio codes are assisting the DG2 and ATS-M in better preparation from previous pulls seen added to DRM-Next.

Linux users who want more detail covering the recent batch of Intel kernel graphics driver changes slated for Linux 5.20 can direct their browser to the most recent pull request, located on the Freedesktop page listing.

Intel Mobility CPU Lineup:

CPU FamilyArrow LakeMeteor LakeRaptor LakeAlder Lake
Process NodeIntel 20A '5nm EUV"Intel 4 '7nm EUV'Intel 7 '10nm ESF'Intel 7 '10nm ESF'
CPU ArchitectureHybrid (Four-Core)Hybrid (Triple-Core)Hybrid (Dual-Core)Hybrid (Dual-Core)
P-Core ArchitectureLion CoveRedwood CoveRaptor CoveGolden Cove
E-Core ArchitectureSkymontCrestmontGracemontGracemont
Top ConfigurationTBD6+8 (H-Series)6+8 (H-Series)6+8 (H-Series)
Max Cores / ThreadsTBD14/2014/2014/20
Planned LineupH/P/U SeriesH/P/U SeriesH/P/U SeriesH/P/U Series
GPU ArchitectureXe2 Battlemage 'Xe-LPG'
Xe3 Celestial "Xe-LPG"
Xe2 Battlemage 'Xe-LPG'Iris Xe (Gen 12)Iris Xe (Gen 12)
GPU Execution Units192 EUs (1024 Cores)?128 EUs (1024 Cores)96 EUs (768 Cores)96 EUs (768 Cores)
Memory SupportTBDDDR5-5600
LPDDR5X - 7400+
Memory Capacity (Max)TBD96 GB64 GB64 GB
Thunderbolt 4 PortsTBD422
WiFi CapabilityTBDWiFi 6EWiFi 6EWiFi 6E
Launch2H 2024?2H 20231H 20231H 2022

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