Intel and LG team up for x86 Smartphone

Omer Saleem

Intel again in news and now for all the good reasons (like launch of its Core ix series was not a good news, duh!). For now the news is great for all Intel fanboys and girls who always wished that their smartphone should have Intel processor. Your dream might be coming a reality as Intel and LG decides to team up to manufacture a newer breed of smartphones based on Intel's x86 processors. We are not sure for now the complete specs and exact time lines but we know this that gbjbaanb from my-dumbphone-looks-worse-every-day dept. writes;

"I love stories about new smartphones; it shows the IT market is doing something different than the usual same-old desktop apps. Maybe one day we'll all be using super smartphones as our primary computing platforms. And so, here's Intel's offering: the LG GW990. Running a Moorestown CPU, which gives 'considerably' better energy efficiency than the Atom, it runs Intel's Linux distro — Moblin. Quoting: 'In some respects, the GW990 — which has an impressive high-resolution 4.8-inch touchscreen display — seems more like a MID than a smartphone. It's possible that we won't see x86 phones with truly competitive all-day battery life until the emergence of Medfield, the Moorestown successor that is said to be coming in 2011. It is clear, however, that Intel aims to eventually compete squarely with ARM in the high-end smartphone market."

This could be start of another processor war but this time the Intel's enemy, ARM, is far stronger in the smartphones market. There will be considerable amount of research done before commitment by Intel but we know for sure that once Intel decides to get into a field, it rarely backs out. Let's hope for a healthy (read: brutal) competition by Intel and ARM processors and may the best one win (of course which is better for the consumers)

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