Intel Core i7 3820 Pictured, C2 Revision of Core i7 3930K and 3960X also Spotted

Intel's latest Sandy Bridge-E based Core i7 3820 processor has been spotted in the Japanese Market along with C2 revision of Core i7 3930K and 3960X CPU's. Intel is expected to announce the launch of its Core i7 3820 processor and C2 revision in Q1 2012.

The Core i7 3820 is a Quad Core processors featuring eight threads, 10Mb L3 Cache, 130W TDP and Clock Frequencies of 3.6Ghz Stock and 3.9Ghz Turbo Boost. The CPU can allow support for Quad channel DDR3-1600+ Memory and is compatible with the latest LGA2011 socket based motherboards featuring the X79 Chipset. Downside is the partially unlocked design which means limited overclocking for enthusiasts.

Price of the processor would be $332 at launch making it an entry level CPU for the X79 platform. The upcoming C2 Revisions of Core i7 3930K and Core i7 3960X have also been spotted which would fix a design error which led to Intel's VT-d virtualisation extensions failing to operate correctly. The new stepping would increase the overall performance of virtual OS running on the machine. Specs of the CPU would remain unchanged, Price is expected around £700 and £408 respectively. Just to be sure, The C2 revisions are noted by the following codenames:

  • SR0KF - Core i7 3960X
  • SR0KY - Core i7 3930K
Core i7 3820 Pics:
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