Intel Core i7 3770K “Ivy Bridge” Gets tested on ASUS Rampage IV Gene-Z Motherboard

Hassan Mujtaba

An Intel Core i7 3770K "Ivy Bridge" processor has been tested out by OBR, The chip is part of the 22nm Ivy Bridge platform from Intel which launches in April 2012.

The Core i7 3770K would be the flagship processor of Intel's 3rd Generation Family featuring a Quad Core design with 8 threads clocked at a stock frequency of 3.5Ghz and turbo boost to 3.9Ghz. Additionally, The CPU features an 8MB L3 cache and a rated TDP design on 77W.

Intel's Ivy Bridge platform comes with new Z77 chipset based motherboards fortunately the processors are also backwards compatible with Sandy Bridge motherboards since both feature the LGA1155 socket. The processor was tested out on the Rampage IV Gene-Z motherboard from ASUS featuring the Z68 chipset, Performance was compared to the Sandy Bridge based i7 2600K CPU. Test Results below:

3DMark 11 Physics Score:

  • Core i7 3770K: 9165 Marks
  • Core i7 2600K: 8633 Marks

Cinebench R10(MultiCore Rendering):

  • Core i7 3770K: 25493 Score
  • Core i7 2600K: 23035 Score

Cinebench R11(MultiCore Rendering):

  • Core i7 3770K: 7.55 Points
  • Core i7 2600K: 6.92 Points

Cinebench R11(SingleCore Rendering:

  • Core i7 3770K: 1.67 Points
  • Core i7 2600K: 1.53 Points

CPU Mark:

  • Core i7 3770K: 634 Score
  • Core i7 2600K: 584 Score

Super PI (1M Calculations):

  • Core i7 3770K: 09.126 Seconds
  • Core i7 2600K: 09.891 Seconds

Fritz Chess Benchmark:

  • Core i7 3770K: 14460 Kilonodes/s
  • Core i7 2600K: 13327 Kilonodes/s

As reported by us earlier, The i7 3770K is indeed around 10% better than the Sandy Bridge flagship offering. The model tested here is an engineering sample so we could see slight improvements in the retail chip which would be available for $332 in April 2012. More info below:

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