Intel Core i7-13700HX ‘Raptor Lake’ 16-Core Laptop CPU Spotted, Up To 5.0 GHz Clocks

Hassan Mujtaba
Intel Core i7-13700HX 'Raptor Lake' 16-Core Laptop CPU Spotted, Up To 5.0 GHz Clocks 1

Just a few days after the Core i9-13900HX, another Intel Raptor Lake Laptop CPU has leaked out, the Core i7-13700HX.

Intel Core i7-13700HX 'Raptor Lake' High-End Laptop CPU Rocks 16 Cores & Up To 5.0 GHz Clocks

The Intel Core i7-13700HX 'Raptor Lake' CPU will be part of the high-end 13th Gen Laptop CPU line. The HX series utilize the same die as the desktop Raptor Lake-S parts so we will also be looking at a similar set of core configurations.

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In the case of the Intel Core i7-13700HX, we are getting 16 cores using a 8 P-Core & 8 E-Core layout. This equals to a total of 24 threads which is the same configuration as the current Core i7-13700K or the last-gen Core i9-12900K/KS flagships. The CPU features 30 MB of L3 cache and was seen on the Lenovo 82WQ laptop with 16 GB of DDR5 memory. The CPU featured a 2.10 GHz base clock and boost clocks of up to 5.0 GHz.

Intel's 16-Core Raptor Lake-HX chip, the Core i7-13700HX, has leaked out and features up to 5.0 GHz clock speeds. (Image Credits: Benchleaks)

Intel 13th Gen Raptor Lake Mobility CPU Lineup:

CPU NameProcess / ArchitectureFamilyCores/ThreadsBase ClockBoost ClockGPU CoresTDP (PL1)
Core i9-13900HXIntel 10 / Raptor LakeRPL-HX24 (8+16)3.9 GHz5.4 GHz32 EU55W
Core i7-13700HXIntel 10 / Raptor LakeRPL-HX16 (8+8)3.7 GHz5.0 GHz32 EU55W
Core i5-13650HXIntel 10 / Raptor LakeRPL-HX14 (6+8)3.6 GHz4.9 GHz32 EU55W
Core i5-13500HXIntel 10 / Raptor LakeRPL-HX14 (6+8)3.5 GHz4.7 GHz32 EU55W
Core i3-13450HXIntel 10 / Raptor LakeRPL-HX12 (6+4)3.4 GHz4.6 GHz32 EU55W
Core i9-13900HKIntel 10 / Raptor LakeRPL-H14 (6+8)TBD5.4 GHz96 EUs45W
Core i7-13700HIntel 10 / Raptor LakeRPL-H14 (6+8)TBD5.0 GHz96 EUs45W
Core i7-13620HIntel 10 / Raptor LakeRPL-HTBDTBDTBDTBD45W
Core i5-13500HIntel 10 / Raptor LakeRPL-H12 (4+8)TBDTBDTBD45W
Core i5-13420HIntel 10 / Raptor LakeRPL-HTBDTBDTBDTBD45W
Core i7-1370PIntel 10 / Raptor LakeRPL-P14/201.9 GHz5.0 GHzTBD28W

The laptop also housed an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Laptop GPU which means that most OEM and laptop vendors will still be relying on existing GeForce RTX 30 series parts rather than waiting for NVIDIA's next-gen RTX 40 GPUs which are expected to make a formal debut at CES 2023. A few months back, Intel announced that they will be releasing their Raptor Lake Mobile CPUs by the end of 2022. They didn't mention if the mobile lineup will include both Raptor Lake-H and Raptor Lake-HX SKUs but it looks like we will be getting both at launch.

It is unknown what the company will pair with the new Raptor Lake mobile CPUs but with Arc GPUs mostly lining up close to the Raptor Lake CPUs, it is expected that those would be used entirely on mobile systems such as NUC and Laptops.

Intel Mobility CPU Lineup:

CPU FamilyArrow LakeMeteor LakeRaptor LakeAlder Lake
Process Node (CPU Tile)Intel 20A '5nm EUV"Intel 4 '7nm EUV'Intel 7 '10nm ESF'Intel 7 '10nm ESF'
CPU ArchitectureHybrid (Four-Core)Hybrid (Triple-Core)Hybrid (Dual-Core)Hybrid (Dual-Core)
P-Core ArchitectureLion CoveRedwood CoveRaptor CoveGolden Cove
E-Core ArchitectureSkymontCrestmontGracemontGracemont
Top ConfigurationTBD6+8 (H-Series)6+8 (H-Series)
8+16 (HX-Series)
6+8 (H-Series)
8+8 (HX-Series)
Max Cores / ThreadsTBD14/2014/2014/20
Planned LineupH/P/U SeriesH/P/U SeriesH/P/U SeriesH/P/U Series
GPU ArchitectureXe2 Battlemage 'Xe-LPG'
Xe3 Celestial "Xe-LPG"
Xe-LPG 'Xe-MTL'Iris Xe (Gen 12)Iris Xe (Gen 12)
GPU Execution Units192 EUs (1024 Cores)?128 EUs (1024 Cores)
192 EUs (1536 Cores)
96 EUs (768 Cores)96 EUs (768 Cores)
Memory SupportTBDDDR5-5600
LPDDR5X - 7400+
Memory Capacity (Max)TBD96 GB64 GB64 GB
Thunderbolt 4 PortsTBD444
WiFi CapabilityTBDWiFi 6EWiFi 6EWiFi 6E
Launch2H 2024?2H 20231H 20231H 2022

News Source: Benchleaks

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