Intel Core i5-9600KF – A 6 Core Unlocked Gaming CPU Under $200


The Intel Core i5-9600KF has dropped in price, all the way down to $194.99. The 6 core processor offers great gaming performance for those on a budget and also comes with an unlocked design, allowing users to overclock it for further performance increase.

This Intel Core i5-9600KF has dropped down to under $200, but this model needs a discrete graphics card to work correctly.

The Intel Core i5-9600KF is an amazing steal on Amazon currently, the processor runs at a base clock of 3.70 GHz and has a turbo clock 4.60 GHz with a 9 MB cache. It comes with a 95W TDP & unlocked design which allows overclocking. The Intel Core i5-9600KF is a variation of the original Core i5-9600K but with the integrated graphics processor disabled.

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Some of the features are:

  • Cores / Threads
    • The Intel i5 - 9600KF comes with a six-core and six thread CPU, meaning there is no Hyperthreading on this processor.
    • The max functioning temperature for this CPU is 100 degrees Celcius meaning it will start to thermal throttle if it reached that temperature.
    • This CPU has an amazing boost clock to 4.70 GHz so just under the 5 GHz line that the i9 - 9900K set.
  • Memory support
    • This processor supports DDR4 memory that runs up to the speed of 2666 MHz
    • This processor only supports Dual-Channel Memory
  • Motherboard support
    • This processor only accepts motherboards with the Intel 300 series chipset, this is including the Z series motherboards
    • This processor only fits into the Intel LGA 1151 socket type.
  • Overclocking
    • If you are looking to overclock your system either now or in the future this a perfect processor for you, with the lower-rated TDP being only 95 watts, this means that you are able to push this CPU past its normal boost clock and not have to worry at all.
    • This Processor is unlocked to allow for overlocking, do be warned that this processor comes with no stock cooler for cooling of any kind.

Compared to the current cost of the Intel i5 - 9600K this processor is only a few dollars cheaper, the 9600K being $219.95 and the 9600KF being just $194.99. This makes this processor a good choice if you have a graphics card already installed into your current system or plan to have a separate graphics card.

At the time of writing this article, this CPU is currently out of stock on Amazon and is currently on sale from Newegg for $203.98. The better deal is to wait until it becomes available again on Amazon so you can purchase it with free 2 - day shipping and at the lower rate.