Intel Core i3 details leaked

Abdullah Saad

A Canadian retailer seems to have put up a Intel Core i3 530 for sale, on its website, for CAD 156.76 / USD 147.5.

The processor is clocked at 2993MHz, has 2 x 256Kb of L2 cache and 4MB of L3, 733MHz graphics and a 22x multiplier. At 73W its hermal Design Power is rather high for a 32nm processor.

Do keep in mind thought that this is the slowest Core i3 Intel plans to launch. The rest of the series will feature higher clocks in both the CPU and graphics areas, as well as hyperthreading and Turbo features.

As for 530 and 540, they will respectively cost CAD 125 / USD 117 and CAD 145 / USD 136 respectively, so they're not very cheap either. Those of you, who are looking out for more affordable options should either go for AMD or stick to current generation of 45nm processors.

Source: A-Power

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