Intel Arc Pro A40M spotted, the upcoming mobile workstation GPU has been confirmed by Dell


Once again, Dell continues to be the primary company confirming Intel's Arc graphics involvement with their laptops and workstations. A listing found on Twitter shows the inclusion of a soon-to-be-launched ARC workstation GPU, the ARC Pro A40M.

Unreleased Intel Arc Pro A40M GPU listed for the new Dell Precision 5470

Before this discovery, the company documented the ARC Pro A30M and A370M Pro GPUs in the Dell Precision XX70 series. The new workstation GPU is detailed along with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX A1000 workstation GPU, implying that the particular model is a lesser-powered inclusion that could be based on the ACM-G11 graphics card. Twitter leaker 188号 (momomo_us on Twitter) was the first to find the listing on Dell's support website in the way of an instruction manual inclusion:

Intel High-End Arc A730M Mobility Gaming GPU Spotted in Machenike Laptop: Features Core i7-12700H & Listed For Around $1200 US

The website provides no details on the new chip. There is speculation that the new chip will not offer more than 4 GB of RAM. This new GPU will correspond with the customer-based A350M and A370M series set if this is true.

We know of the Intel Arc 3 lineup because the series is an entry-level and power-optimized family using the ACM-G11 GPU. The lineup features the Arc A370M, which utilizes the complete GPU configuration and 8 Xe Cores (1024 ALUs), eight ray tracing units, 1550 MHz graphics clock, 4 GB of 64-bit GDDR6 memory, and a TDP range of 35-50W. This chipset would be comparable to the GeForce RTX 3050 series.

The second option is the Intel Arc A350M which features 6 Xe cores (768 ALUs), six ray tracing units, 1150 MHz graphics engine clock, a 4 GB 64-bit bus interface, and a TDP range of 25-35W, which is going to aim the entry-level MX500 series options from NVIDIA.

Linux Adds Improved Power Management for Intel Arc Alchemist GPUs

Intel has stated that the Arc workstation series will launch closer to the third quarter of 2022. With the amount of information Dell conveniently continues to divulge, this statement may refer to only the desktop GPU variant. Further complicating facts is that Intel has not officially listed any of its new workstation GPUs.

Earlier this week, we have already seen Dell officially announce the company's new Precision XX70 series. The company will not reveal any information on the processor or graphics card onboard specifications yet. As we grow closer to release, Dell will hopefully show more details about their products and Intel's inclusion for each.

News Source: Videocardz