Intel Arc Alchemist A770 Graphics Card Spotted In Geekbench & PugetBench Benchmarks


The Intel ARC A770 graphics card was recently tested through the Puget Bench DaVinci Resolve benchmarking software. During the output released on the Internet, the graphics driver used for the test was unknown — When there is a separate branch created for an overarching driver, it will at times signify that there is unreleased hardware being used, raising questions as to the mysterious parts in question.

Intel's Soon-To-Be-Released Arc Alchemist A770 Desktop Gaming Graphics Card Spotted In Multiple Benchmarks

The newest Intel driver (version appears after the drivers for the Intel ARC 1330 and iGPU 1660 variants (the numbers replacing the '1723' in the version). The new driver version may be preplanned to support the latest desktop ARC graphics cards. However, this is currently under speculation as Intel has not commented on the recent string.

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The last driver was published on April 8th, and that was close to 1.5 weeks after the launch of the new ARC GPU laptop series. The driver delivered fixes for the first initial period after launch. However, the list of current issues remains to be quite lengthy. ARC-based GPUs shipped with the Intel ARC Control software currently use their versions. Intel has yet to confirm if the company plans to merge any of the multiple drivers into one single driver.

Source: PugetBench Results

The Puget Bench DaVinci test examines the rendering of graphics with an expansive scope of codecs at 4K and 8K resolutions (only for Extended presets), OpenFX, and other quality performance in Fusion. It is not a benchmark test to measure performance or quality.

In the leaked information and engineering board typically used for Intel employee testing purposes, the 'CoffeeLake S UDIMM RVP' was utilized, as well as the Intel Core i5-9600K CPU, which is also used in internal internal internal testing by the company. In addition to the PugetBench benchmark, the Arc Alchemist A770 has reappeared within the Geekbench benchmark, now with a 3% performance boost compared to the previous entry. While this is an improvement, it's still a far cry from the competing options from AMD (RX 6700 XT) and NVIDIA (RTX 3070).

Intel Arc Alchemist A770 desktop gaming graphics card has been tested once again in Geekbench. (Image Credits: Benchleaks)

Intel's newest ARC A770 is an ACM-G10-based graphics card for desktops. The graphics card will launch with 8GB and 16GB of GDDR6 memory. It is also anticipated to compete with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 and 3070 series of cards in terms of performance. However, as we have reported before, Intel has been relatively silent about performance data before the release, so we will need to wait a little longer before seeing accurate data from the tech manufacturer.

Intel ARC ACM-G10 vs NVIDIA GA104 & AMD Navi 22 GPUs

Graphics Card NameIntel ARC A770?NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 TiAMD Radeon RX 6700 XT
ArchitectureXe-HPGAmpereRDNA 2
Process NodeTSMC 6nmSamsung 8nmTSMC 7nm
Die Size406mm2392mm2335mm2
Transistor Density53.4M Transistors/mm244.4M Transistors/mm251.2M Transistors/mm2
FP32 Cores32 Xe Cores48 SM Units40 Compute Units
FP32 Units409661442560
Max Clock~2400 MHz1770 MHz2581 MHz
FP32 TFLOPs~20 TFLOPs21.75 TFLOPs13.21 TFLOPs
Memory Bus256-bit256-bit192-bit
Memory Capacity16 GB GDDR68 GB GDDR6X12 GB GDDR6
LaunchQ2 2022Q2 2021Q1 2021

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