Intel Arc A370M GPU-Powered laptops open to preorders for North American, New Zealand, & Australian markets


Intel's Arc A370M entry-level discrete graphics will begin to see more visibility outside South Korea, with North America, Australian, and New Zealand markets now offering pre-orders.

Intel partners begin pre-orders for the Arc A370M GPU-based laptops outside of South Korea locations, offering a more expansive range of markets

The Arc A370M is based on a full ACM-G11 GPU offering eight Xe-Cores and is considered a low-level GPU while still being able to play a decent library of games. Lenovo and HP plan to ship their Yoga 7i Gen7 16-inch EVO and Envy laptops, respectively, to more consumers next month. This recent leak comes from well-known Twitter leaker @momomo_us.

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The HP Envy offers a 16-inch display and offers an Intel Alder Lake Core i5-12500H processor with Arc A370M discrete graphics. The display panel is an IPS display with a 120Hz refresh rate and 400 nits. On top of Intel power, you receive 16GB of DDR5-4800 memory with 512 GB of NVMe storage. Pricing for HP's model will have an MSRP near $1,400.


New Zealand and Australia will see the Lenovo Yoga 7i 16-inch EVO laptop, their seventh-gen model, that will sell at 2,730 AU$ and 3,000 NZ$. Lenovo's offering is highly similar to the HP laptop, equalling the system on the processor, memory, discrete graphics, and storage. As mentioned above, it also remains with the 16-inch display size. With the growing number of systems using Intel Arc A370M discrete graphics, it is curious if that is the sweet spot in size for the pictures to look and perform higher than if a system raised the size to something more significant.

Lenovo will follow HP in shipments on their laptops around ten weeks later, meaning that we will see sales starting in early October, putting them close to the holiday season. The release will also be shortly after prime times when electronics companies reveal products during September, such as Apple with their iPhone, iPad, and Watch designs. Choosing that specific time frame will allow consumers to cause the market need to increase exponentially over the following several months and take advantage of popular year-end holiday sales.

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