Instead of Using Apple’s Find My, Tile is Partnering with Amazon to Improve its Own Network Coverage


Amazon has just announced a partnership with Tile where it will give the company access to its Sidewalk network.

Tile is About to Get a Whole Lot Better with Amazon Sidewalk Integration, Should Apple be Worried? No

It is no secret at this point that Tile is super salty with Apple when it comes to AirTag. Even though Apple has opened up its Find My network to accessory makers, Tile has instead chosen to take another route where it will make use of Amazon’s Sidewalk network to improve location accuracy of its trackers.

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Amazon Sidewalk is basically a mesh network running over Bluetooth that consists of Ring and Echo devices. Once a Tile comes in range of either of the two aforementioned hardware, the tracker will use Sidewalk to send its location to Tile where you in turn, the owner of the tracker, will be able to see where your lost property is.

Here is what the CEO of Tile has to say on the matter:

"Tile helps millions of people every day find their things, and we're always looking for opportunities to enhance the finding experience for our customers. To that end, working with Amazon to extend our finding network by securely connecting to Amazon Sidewalk devices like Echo smart speakers was an obvious choice," said CJ Prober, CEO of Tile. "Amazon Sidewalk will strengthen Tile's finding power for our devices and Find with Tile device partners that leverage our finding technology, making it even easier to find lost or misplaced keys, wallets, or other Tiled items both inside and outside the home."

Given how many Ring and Echo devices there are in the wild, Tile has seriously improved its own network by a lot with this partnership.

Should Apple be worried at this point? Not at all. In fact, I will go as far as saying that this is a very good move by Tile as it gives advantage to Android users in improving the Tile network’s accuracy. Keep in mind that AirTag is compatible with Apple’s own devices only, which gives Tile an instant advantage over Find My with this partnership.

There will always be concerns regarding privacy, which I will not discuss here at all.