Install macOS Sierra GM on Your Mac Right Now


Here's how you can download and install macOS Sierra GM right now on your compatible Mac.

The GM seed of macOS Sierra has made its way onto the Apple Developer Program website and registered developers are lucky enough to install the OS on their Mac immediately. If you do happen to have access to Apple’s developer portal, then we’ll show you how you can install macOS Sierra GM on your Mac right away.

Install macOS Sierra GM

Before you do anything else, we highly recommend backing up all your data to a safe external hard drive. Or, if you so wish, take a Time Machine backup of everything, ensuring that your photos, documents and whatnot are absolutely safe.

Also make sure that your Mac is compatible with macOS Sierra. This is extremely important to know since it would be a waste of time to download the entire OS just to find out that you are not supported by it. So, please, do the honors beforehand.

Now, interestingly, the process of installing macOS Sierra GM onto your Mac is absolutely the same as its beta variant. Simply make sure that you download macOS Sierra GM Seed before doing anything else, that’s it.

Check out the posts linked below for more details on how to install macOS Sierra GM onto your Mac:

When the final version of Sierra drops for end users later this month, we will be back with fresh how-to guides for installing macOS Sierra, create a bootable USB drive and whatnot. Be sure you’re on a lookout for that in the days to come.

Wrap Up

Developers are absolutely lucky to get their grips on macOS Sierra before anyone else. But hey, if you have a friend who happens to have an Apple Developer Program registration at hand, then he or she can lend you a hand in hooking you up with a copy before anyone else.

macOS Sierra will be an absolutely free download once it is available to everyone else for download. But if you’re a developer, you will have to pony up quite a handful of money on an annual basis to download software before everyone else. But hey, you get to try out and install software that's not available in the public domain.

And that's cool!