Dual Boot macOS Sierra Developer Preview – How To


Here's how you can dual boot macOS Sierra Developer Preview with any other version of OS X - El Capitan, Yosemite etc.

Dual Boot macOS Sierra Developer Preview With OS X And Test Out Apple's New OS

Installing beta software on a Mac is never recommended. Things can get buggy in a lot of cases, forcing you to opt for a downgrade. Luckily, you can dual boot a beta OS with your primary one without much fuss on a Mac. Today we'll show you how to do just that with macOS Sierra Developer Preview.

What You Need Beforehand

  • macOS Sierra Developer Preview image, downloaded from the Apple Developer Program website via Mac App Store.
  • A Mac on which you want to dual boot macOS Sierra.
  • Backup all your files to a secure location.

Create A Partition For macOS Sierra Developer Preview

Assuming you have at least 50GB or more space free on your primary hard drive, let's begin.

1. Launch the Disk Utility app on your Mac.

2. Select your primary partition from the left hand side of the tool. It's usually named 'Mac HD' or 'Apple SSD.'

3. Now click on the 'Partition' button at the top. Set partition size to '30GB,' name it 'macOS.' Click on 'Apply' once you're done.

Install And Dual Boot macOS Sierra Developer Preview

1. Launch the macOS Sierra Developer Preview Installer from /Applications/ in Finder.

2. By default macOS Sierra Developer Preview will install on the primary partition. Instead, click on 'Show All Disks' when prompted and select the newly created partition named 'macOS.' This step is absolutely crucial otherwise your current OS will be overwritten by Sierra.

3. Follow the on-screen prompts for installation as you normally would.

4. Once the installation is complete you'll boot straight into macOS Sierra Developer Preview.

If you wish to boot back into OS X El Capitan or Yosemite, then simply restart your Mac, hold down the 'Option' key and select the OS you wish to boot into.

This is the best way to try out a new beta OS especially if you don't have a spare Mac. It only takes a few minutes to dual boot macOS Sierra Developer Preview and getting rid of it is a breeze as well. We recommend going through the above mentioned route in any case since it's your safest bet anything will not go wrong.

Just make sure you do not install macOS Sierra Developer Preview over your current partition. Just don't.