Create Bootable macOS Sierra DP USB Drive – How To


Here's how you can create a bootable macOS Sierra Developer Preview USB drive in a few easy steps.

Create Bootable macOS Sierra Developer Preview USB Drive

If you're planning to install macOS Sierra Developer Preview onto your Mac from scratch, then you definitely need a bootable USB drive to go about the process. The steps for doing so are absolutely simple and we'll walk you through it in a swift manner.

What You'll Need

  • A 16GB USB thumb drive. We're sure you have those lying around at home. A USB 3.0 drive would be preferred.
  • macOS Sierra Developer Preview image from the Apple Developer Program website, download via Mac App Store.
  • A Mac that doesn't crash and a little patience.


1. First and foremost download the macOS Sierra Developer Preview image from the Mac App Store. Once done, move onto the next step.

2. Plug your USB drive into your Mac.

3. Launch Disk Utility from Spotlight or Launchpad.

4. Select your USB drive from the left hand side corner of Disk Utility.

5. Now click on the 'Erase' tab at the top. Leave everything else untouched and click on the 'Erase' button. We would recommend leaving the name of the drive to 'Untitled' as well.

6. Assuming macOS Sierra Developer Preview is done downloading, launch Terminal on your Mac.

7. Now type in the following command exactly as shown:

sudo /Applications/Install\ 10.12\ Developer\ --volume /Volumes/Untitled --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ 10.12\ Developer\ --nointeraction &&say Done

Double check and make sure the command line perfectly matches the one above and hit the 'Return' key on the keyboard.

8. Provided you followed the steps correctly, your Mac will now start creating the bootable macOS Sierra Developer Preview USB drive. The process can take quite a while so don't be alarmed.

We would highly recommend not touching or using your Mac at all during the entire process. Just grab yourself a cup of coffee and return after at least half an hour to check on the progress. Once you see that the process is complete, close the Terminal window and remove the USB drive from your Mac. You're now set to use it on any Mac on which you wish to install macOS Sierra Developer Preview.

We highly recommend not installing macOS Sierra Developer Preview on a Mac that serves the purpose as a daily driver with you. The operating system is way too much in its infancy and getting work done on it without any hiccups can't be guaranteed.