Install Facebook Home v1.0 on Galaxy S2 I9100


Today Facebook Home was officially released for a select few Android devices. Announced merely a week ago, Facebook Home comes pre-installed on HTC First, which is the only smartphone as of now that comes with Home straight out of the box. At this point in time only a few Android devices are being supported, but at the announcement Mark Zuckerberg said that they'll soon be releasing it for more devices. While Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 isn't on the list of supported devices, thanks to the folks over at XDA forums, you can now install Facebook Home port for the Galaxy S2 I9100.

How To Install Facebook Home v1.0 On Galaxy S2 I9100:

The steps required to do this procedure are very simple, though do keep in mind that this is not an official release but an unofficial port. Do install this at your own risk. The steps are given in detail down below:

Step 1: Download Facebook Home port for the device

Step 2: Install it as you would install any other Android app

Step 3: This is the crucial step, you need to change I9100 to I9300 in build.prop=ro.product.model=

Step 4: Once you're done with this, reboot your Galaxy S2 once, Facebook Home should now be installed

Facebook Home brings a host of new features to Android, despite the fact that it is just a launcher. While making no modifications to Android OS, it manages to make your Android smartphone focused around the people that matter to you the most, not apps. That was Facebook's idea behind Home, to make smartphones more people-centric. If you've given Home a test run, do let us know what you think about it, by leaving a comment down below.