Facebook Home Download Available Now For Android


It was only a week ago that Facebook Home was announced at an intimate press conference held at the company's Menlo Park headquarters. Today Facebook Home download for select Android devices is available. Apart from that, today is also the day when AT&T starts shipping HTC First, the very first Android powered smartphone that comes with Facebook Home pre-installed. Pre-orders for this smartphone were opened the day of the announcement.

Facebook describes Home as a family of apps that put the people who matter the most to you at the heart of your phone. For the sake of clarity let me explain for those who are unaware, Facebook Home is not a new OS. It does not make any changes to the core Android OS. HTC First is not a 'Facebook phone' as previous rumors suggest. Its basically a launcher for Android that sits on top of the core OS. It gives user access to certain new features such as Cover Feed, which puts the spotlight on whatever your friends are sharing right now, Facebook notifications, Chat Heads and messenger.

While HTC First ships with Facebook Home out of the box, only a select few Android devices have Facebook Home download available to them. These devices include HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III and the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Facebook Home download for these devices is available right now from the Google Play Store. According to some users the download process isn't going so well, they're reporting problems with getting access to it on their devices. This is probably due to servers being hammered with the phenomenal traffic at Facebook's end. Expect the matter to resolve after the initial frenzy subsides.

Here's the official Facebook Home download link from Google Play Store.