Instagram Officially Announces Live Video for Stories, Disappearing Photos & Videos in Instagram Direct

Uzair Ghani

Instagram just took the wraps off two of its latest features - live video in Stories as well as photos and videos that automatically disappear in Instagram Direct.

Live Video is the Future; Instagram Makes it Very Clear in Today's Update

It's been rumored for quite a while that Instagram would jump into the live video arena. Today, the company has officially taken wraps off the feature, bringing live video in Stories to all Instagram users around the world.

In order to initiate a live video, simply swipe right to jump straight into the camera. Tap on the 'Start Live Video' button and you'll go live instantly. Your followers and friends will instantly get a notification that you're live and you can keep streaming for up to one hour, which is more than enough for a live stream.


As the live stream is in progress, users have the option to comment on it or like it, if they so wish. You also have the option to turn off comments altogether as well.

Apart from live video in Stories, Instagram will highlight live feeds from popular accounts under the Explore tab as well. The feature will be rolling out to everyone in the coming weeks so be patient.

The next big feature Instagram is introducing today is disappearing photos and videos. Yes, just like Snapchat, in case you're wondering. And this new feature is available to those who make use of Instagram Direct. Therefore it can be initiated on a one-to-one basis or as a group of people who stay in touch with one another.


In order to send a disappearing photo or video via Instagram Direct, simply swipe right in order to access the camera. Once you've snapped a photo or recorded a video, tap on the 'arrow' button on the bottom right to send it privately. You can either send it to just one person or a group, that's entirely your call. Once the photo or video has been sent, received and seen, it will disappear after that. If someone replays a message or takes a screenshot of it, you'll know.

In order to access your inbox of disappearing snaps and videos, tap on the new airplane like icon at the top right hand corner. The disappearing photos and videos will sit snuggly at the top, with your normal messages at the bottom.

According to Instagram, the disappearing photos and video feature will roll out for everyone starting today.

Instagram is absolutely free to download for both iPhone and Android devices. Tap on the links below to get in on the action.

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