Instagram is Getting Rid of Swipe-Up Links Very Soon


Instagram has decided to do away with the age-old Swipe-Up links in stories. This feature was used by content creators as well as brands consistently. This was a popular feature that would redirect the users to their websites or online stores. Sadly, this feature is finally going away on August 30th, later this month.

According to TechCrunch, Instagram users who had access to the Swipe-Up links will now be able to use a new feature called Link Stickers.

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Replacing Swipe-Up Links with Link Stickers Should Make Instagram More intuitive and Fun to Use for Content Creators and Businesses.

Instagram has talked about how they have been testing the new feature since June, and only a handful of users have had access to it currently. However, the company is planning a wider rollout at the end of this month. Businesses and creators who are verified on the platform and have an adequate number of followers will add Link Stickers to their stories.

While it might seem like a feature that was not needed initially, link Stickers actually have some benefits as opposed to the Swipe-Up links. For instance, creators will be able to choose from various styles, resize the stickers, and put them anywhere on the story without having to go through any hassle.

Viewers will also be able to react and reply to the stories that have Link Stickers, a previously unavailable feature with Swipe-Up links. With that said, Instagram is also currently thinking about expanding the Link Stickers to more accounts in the future, but no proper word has been given on that.

Although the Swipe-Up Links has been around for a long, long time, it is nice to see that Instagram is moving towards a more modern approach where you can get the chance to enjoy the app in a different light.