Instagram Now Allows People to Hide Their Like Counts

Instagram Now Allows People to Hide Their Like Counts
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Instagram is now getting a new change that will allow the users to hide theirs like counts on the feed. The new change applies to both your own profile as well as the profiles of people you follow. Users will hide their like counts on their own posts to prevent others from seeing them. Additionally, you will also be able to do the same to other posts that appear on your feed, so you cannot see them.

Instagram Users Can Now Hide Their Like Counts, and the Same Feature Will be Available for Facebook as Well

The test started back in 2019, and back then, Facebook talked about how this is being put in place so the followers can focus on the content being shared rather than the likes the posts are getting.

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The change is also being put in place to improve everyone's experience on Instagram and prevent the pressure people go through just because they want to post something that will bring as many likes as possible. Instagram has popularised likes as a measure of engagement. Still, at the same time, it also has increased the pressure that people go through, especially when it comes to choosing the right filters, hashtags, as well as aspect ratios of the pictures. In extreme cases, people even spend money on buying likes just to keep up with their friends. The new update will remove that incentive as it will allow people to post and enjoy Instagram the way it was intended to be used.

However, Instagram believes that some people would still prefer to keep seeing their likes, which is why the feature is kept optional. Whether you like this change or not, it is currently live across the globe, and that's not it; Facebook has said that the same feature will be coming to the Facebook app within the next couple of weeks.

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