Inside PlayStation 4 Release Date Confirmed, Launches On August 23rd

Francesco De Meo

Earlier this week, a trophy list for Inside, the recently released 2D puzzle platformer developed by Playdead, has become available online, suggesting that the game's PlayStation 4 release was imminent. Later during the day, it's been confirmed that the game will launch on PlayStation 4 before the end of the month, and today we have received an official confirmation of its PlayStation 4 final release date.

According to the Official PlayStation Twitter profile, Playdead's acclaimed title will be released on PlayStation 4 on August 23rd.

Inside was originally revealed during Microsoft's E3 2014 press conference. The beautiful 2D puzzle platformer was supposed to release in 2015, but the game eventually got delayed. The long wait didn't make Playdead fans less excited for it, as the game was very well received by both the public and the media.

In our own review of Inside, we have noted how the game has a a foreboding atmosphere that's second to none, set by the masterful use of lighting, shadows, colors and sound. Despite some issues, such as excessive padding, even for a short game, basic puzzles and somewhat disappointing ending, Inside can keep players entertained for its short length.

Inside is now available on PC and Xbox One in all regions. The game will finally hit PlayStation 4 later this month, on August 23rd.

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