iOS 9’s Low Power Mode Smothers Performance For Impressive Battery Saving Results

From its announcement few weeks ago, iOS 9 has dropped many new features for iPhone and iPad specifically. From the latest to show, iOS 9's low power mode has highlighted quite an impressive details to save power on the device. For some users, battery seemed to have been an issue on iPhone and now the Cupertino giant is bragging about its power saving mode. So what are the mechanics to achieve these mind bobbling results?

The Low Power Mode in iOS 9 is said to extend battery life performance by 3 hours which is enough to reach home and plug in to charge. iOS 9 features a Low Power Mode that reduces the capacity for hardcore functioning of an iPhone and eliminates background activity to a certain level that enhances battery life. The Geekbench scores have been recorded before and after the Low Power Mode in iOS 9 has been activated. The results are astonishing.

Low Power Mode Shows 40% Reduction In CPU Usage

The Geekbench scores note almost 40% reduction in processor throttle, hence saving battery life. Before the Low Power Mode was activated in an iPhone, the single-core score was 1606 and multi-core score reached 2891. However, when the Low Power Mode was activated, the single-core score dropped down to 1019 and correspondingly the multi-core score went 1751. This suggests a hefty power consumption reduction.

This made us thinking about all the factors that contribute to save power. When the Low Power mode is activated, all additional features that consume battery life are halted. This not only includes the reduction in CPU power consumption but visual effects such as animations, fetching mail, motion effects and refreshing apps on background. This gives iOS 9 the command to lessen battery drainage through Low Power Saving Mode.

Users will be prompted to enable Low Power Mode when battery level reaches 10 or 20 percent. Users can also manually switch it on via a new Battery tab in the settings menu. Considering the Geekbench scores in iPhone 6 Plus, similar results were seen on iPhone 5S, reducing performance by 40 percent. Henceforth, the battery life performance is improved. Additionally, iOS 9 enhances battery life by an hour without the Low Power Mode activation. That's all for now, peeps. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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