In-Display Face ID to Debut With iPhone 16 at the Earliest, Says Analyst


It was previously reported that Apple might house Face ID sensors under the display on the iPhone 15 Pro models. It is now being reported by a prominent display analyst that in-display Face ID is unlikely to launch until the iPhone 16 at the earliest. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

In-Display Face ID Will be Introduced With iPhone 16 and Not Before, Says Display Analyst

We have been hearing for a while that Apple is working to remove the notch and any cutouts from the display on its iPhone. As of now, Apple only minimized the size of the notch by 20 percent with the iPhone 13 series. Moreover, we are expecting a shift to the pill-shaped and circular cutout with the iPhone 14 Pro models. The standard iPhone 14 models will feature the same notch size but the 'Pro' models will feature the cutout design. Yesterday's report from The Elec suggested that Apple might use an in-display Face ID mechanism on next year's iPhone 15 Pro models which will be developed by Samsung.

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Samsung Display was currently developing a new under panel camera technology for its customer Apple to hide the Face ID under the display in the next iPhone, TheElec has learned.

Samsung Display’s technology is expected to apply first to Samsung Electronics’ foldable phones launching next year, followed by application to the Pro lineup on the iPhone 15 series, sources said.

Analyst, Ross Young has confirmed again that an in-display Face ID sensor should not be expected until the launch of the iPhone 16 at the earliest. What this means is that Apple will not use the in-display Face ID technology until 2024.

The company might also be working on its foldable iPhone which will compete against Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip lineup. Apple is left far behind in the foldable segment of the smartphone market, offering nothing at this point. Nonetheless, foldable screen technology is not perfect and the company might be working to bring it to its standards.

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