What Happens if You Brick Your iMac Pro? You’ll Need Another Mac to Restore It


While Apple charges a premium for its hardware, the support that it provides for its products stretches a long way for users in terms of reliability and timely software support. Needless to say, if you will own an iMac Pro in the foreseeable future, you will be covered in terms of reliability and performance.

However, there are times when unforeseen events take place which may end up bricking your iMac Pro. If such an event takes place, then you will need another Mac to restore the expensive workstation.

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The iMac Pro Will Require a Second Mac Running macOS High Sierra and With Available Internet Access to Get Out of Its Bricked State

During what scenarios can the iMac Pro get bricked? Well if it happens, it will definitely be a rarity but suppose if there is a power failure during a software update then you will need a secondary Mac to help restore it. According to MacRumors, the Apple Configurator 2 support page states that an iMac Pro restore will require a second Mac running macOS High Sierra with available internet access and Apple Configurator 2.6 or later installed.

The iMac Pro will also need to be connected to the secondary Mac with a Thunderbolt or USB-A or Type C USB to USB-C cable. After this step, iMac Pro owners will be required to plug the cable into the Thunderbolt port that is closest to the Ethernet port and then connect the iMac Pro to power while holding the power button.

Whatever happens, the Apple Configurator will need to be used on the second Mac to select the iBridge device and then restore. After the restoration process has been completed, the iMac Pro will reboot, making it accessible once more.

So why is a complicated procedure being introduced just to restore the iMac Pro? It is due to the T2 chip. It is the second-generation chip that brings additional security to the machine, which is why you have to follow some additional steps to make sure that your iMac Pro comes out of the dead zone.

If you want to check out the detailed procedure of how to bring your iMac Pro out of the bricked state, follow the company’s support page.

News Source: Apple Support Page