If You’re Looking For a Passively Cooled Case, Turemetal is the Case For You

Turemetal has made a completely fanless case with a unique design. This case is designed to be left in the horizontal position which allows it to adequately cool all of your computer components with no issue! This case offers no noise, as there are no fans and supports up to a high-performance quad-core CPU with the UP2.

The Turemetal has no fans but can still cool down up to 35W CPUs very effectively

The Turemetal does support most ITX motherboards, a full list of tested motherboards is available on their site. Along with the list of supported motherboards, it shows the thermal tests from the manufacturer, showing how this case has been tested using an i3 - 6100 and an i5 - 7600T, the i3 shows that at room temperature the processor is at 21 degrees celsius, and during the AIDA64 CPU stress test that lasted for 10 hours, the i3's temperature never went past 65 degrees celsius which shows the cooling capacity of this case.

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The design of this case makes it look amazing, with a red panel on the front with the letters of Turemetal in white to accent against the black of the case and heatsinks. The sides of this case have heatsinks attached to them.

This enclosure moves the heat away from the components and towards the large radiators and heatsinks which dissipate the heat into the surrounding area, which will make your gaming area warmer than if you were to use fans, but makes no sound. The DP2 can only cool down a 50 - 70w CPU that uses integrated graphics, a downside to this case is that it uses a proprietary power supply, which means that no graphics card can be installed in this case.

Currently, this case is on sale at FullySilentPCs.com which allows you to customize the components inside as this case requires special CPU coolers. The starting price is $380.00 to $395.00, which makes this computer very affordable for any person on a budget. I wouldn't suggest this case or system to anyone who plans to run games at a reasonable frame rate. The lack of a discrete graphics card will make most games run, but at lower than 60 frames per second.

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