This Overkill USB-C Hub for MacBook Pro Owners Features Everything, Even a Floppy Drive, but It’s an April Fool’s Joke


When you hold a USB-C hub, you’ll find that it is a compact product with multiple ports to help ease with the user’s transition to a product that just features USB-C ports, which in this case will be the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. Their compact size helps to easily place them in your pocket or backpack while you’re traveling, so they don’t encumber you, and you can whip them out when you like. However, the Hyper USB-C hub for your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air is an overkill of an accessory but thankfully, it’s an April Fool’s joke.

The USB-C Hub Features a Total of 40 Ports, Including Firewire and RCA Inputs

Called the HyperDrive Ultimate Ultimate Hub (HUUH for short), this beast of a USB-C hub features a 27000mAh in-built battery, or 100Wh, which is the legal limit to carry on an airplane, so at least you’ll comfortably carry it with you without the TSA meddling in your business. In terms of ports, your options are pretty much unlimited as the new product features 40 different inputs. For the old-school people, there’s also a floppy drive, which you definitely won’t need, but it is better to not have something and need it than need something and not have it.

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There are also RCA ports if you feel you want to output to a TV, along with PS/2 ports for making an old mouse of keyboard compatible with the USB-C hub. With the entire package, you’ll only have to bear two compromises. One is the massive thickness and size of the product, along with the pricing. According to Hyper, at the time of writing, the HUUH will set you back by a whopping $9999, making it the most expensive USB-C ever listed.

Sadly though, the HUUH is a creation of April Fool’s day and we don’t believe that any company out there will be willing to put out a product like this and that too for a $9999 price tag. If you feel that you’d appreciate the HyperDrive Ultimate Ultimate Hub for either your MacBook Pro or MacBook Pro, do let us know down in the comments.

News Source: Hyper