Huawei Says EMUI 10 Is Now Installed on Over 100 Million Smartphones Worldwide


Huawei released its Android 10-based EMUI 10 update in September last year. It has since rolled out to a host of Huawei and Honor smartphones. Huawei isn't particularly well-known for rolling out timely updates to its devices, but it has done a decent-ish job this time around. Just six months after its release, the company says that the software is now powering over a hundred million smartphones worldwide.

The US Government trade ban hasn't stopped Huawei from rolling out timely updates to its devices at all

Last year, the US government imposed crippling sanctions on Huawei that prevented any US-based company from doing business with it. Huawei's Android license is under threat, and the company has been on borrowed time since. That, however, has not hampered Huawei's software development in any way. In fact, Huawei has been hard at work developing its own Play Store equivalent as it cannot ship its phones with Google apps and services.

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EMUI 10 is arguably one of the most heavily-skinned Android Forks out there. It is also very bloatware-heavy and update file sizes can go as high as 3GB in some instances. It does, however, come with its share of interesting features such as GPU Turbo that 'tunes' your device's GPU under gaming load, Multi-screen Collaboration that lets you use your phone as a sort of a desktop replacement, and a ton of AI-powered features that make phones run a bit faster.

Just two months ago, the number of devices running EMUI 10 sat at around 50 million. The number has since doubled in the past two months, and that will only get higher, as a lot of smartphones are yet to receive the software. Huawei claims that it has over 500 million active devices worldwide, and the fact that a fifth of them are running the latest version of Android is a feat in itself.