Huawei Postpones Its Foldable Mate X Launch in Part Due to Galaxy Fold’s Design and Display Problems

Huawei Mate X launch postponed

The Huawei Mate X differs from the Galaxy Fold in terms of design and folds outwards, exposing the display to a lot of elements. While the Chinese giant seemed confident over the longevity of its first foldable smartphone and that it would not exhibit the same problems manifesting from the Galaxy Fold, Huawei states that it has postponed the launch of the Mate X. The company further states that it will continue to conduct more tests to make sure that the expensive Mate X passes all of them with flying colors so that customers (the affluent ones, at least) should not have any trouble coughing up a significant amount of money for it.

Huawei Says It Wants to Remain ‘Cautious’; Does Not Want Its Brand Image to Be Ruined if It Releases a Half-Baked Product

A Huawei spokesperson told CNBC the following regarding its decision to delay the Mate X launch.

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“We don’t want to launch a product to destroy our reputation.”

The statement was partly given after Samsung decided to fix the problems existing in the Galaxy Fold after the problems started appearing on social media and the web. Huawei had initially set a launch date for April, which was delayed to June. Now, the official launch is expected to take place in September, giving Huawei a few months to carry out the necessary testing to make sure the outrageously expensive handset does not succumb to any problems during real-world usage.

The spokesperson has also stated that Huawei is engaged with carriers and developers around the world to make sure that their applications naturally work with the foldable display and that there’s no performance or interface lag when using it on a daily basis. We believe that while this might have angered a minute percentage of early adopters that wanted to get their hands on a device that would set them back by approximately $2600, Huawei did the prudent thing.

By delaying the launch, it will have more time on its hands to conduct more tests and make sure it does not experience the same PR nightmare as Samsung did when it handed out review units to the press and publications. To recap, the Mate X is also 5G-ready and is running the Kirin 980 SoC coupled with 8GB RAM and up to 512GB of internal storage.

To achieve the foldable form factor, Huawei relies on a plastic display that will be prone to scratches by keys and coins, which is why users will need to exercise more caution when they get their hands on it for the first time.

News Source: CNBC

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