HTC’s ‘Unexpected Surprise’ Is Its Upgraded U Ultra Flagship Smartphone

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Mar 20, 2017

The beginning of 2017 saw HTC surprise everyone with its U Ultra, a Snapdragon 821-powered smartphone that came with a completely different design language as opposed to its metal-clad predecessors. The company has now announced a brand new version of the U Ultra which features a few upgrades that you might be interested in checking out.

HTC’s Brand New U Ultra Comes With a Sapphire Screen and Upgraded Internal Memory; That’s It?

When HTC said that it was going to unveil an unexpected surprise on March 20, people were contemplating if the company was finally going to unveil the much-awaited Snapdragon 835-flagship. Much to our surprise, and an unwelcoming one, we got another U Ultra phone that does not feature a Snapdragon 835 but retains the same hardware as the one present in the previous version. The difference here is that this variant features a Sapphire display and 128GB of internal storage; nothing else.

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The price of this model is NT$28,900 and when converted into USD, it stands at a staggering $920. Future tests will show how scratch-resistant the Sapphire display of the U Ultra is, but as far as this surprise goes, it is a huge disappointment. The regular U Ultra costs a whopping $749 and removing the headphone jack is not going to do the company any favors.

When the company announced its HTC 10 smartphone back in 2016, it was a solid device with ‘top of the line’ hardware but with the unveiling of the U Ultra, it looks like the company has taken a nose dive when it comes to making sound decisions. The headphone jack is still a key figure in smartphones and in the future, it might cease to exist, but not in this era.

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To make users more acceptable towards HTC’s decision, the Sapphire display variant of the HTC U Ultra comes with a leather case, a power bank, and a key ring, but that still does not mean that users are willing to pay a premium price and get so little in return. The shiny glass and metal body are a nice little change compared to the traditional look but there are so many things that are not going in the smartphone’s favor.