Is HTC U Ultra the Reason Why the Company Isn’t Making an Appearance at MWC 2017? [Poll]


By now you’ve all heard that HTC isn’t going to be making an appearance at the MWC 2017 trade show because the company already announced two smartphones at the start of the year. We can’t help but wonder if this announcement is what eventually led the company to pull out from the trade show, but whatever the reason may be, we feel that HTC lost out on a golden opportunity to showcase its flagship device and our perspective is that the U Ultra shouldn’t have been a part of the announcement from the company at any point in 2017, at least with the hardware present in it.

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Even though HTC has claimed that a flagship will be announced this year, it is most likely going to be during the second half of 2017. With Samsung having rumored to take up the entire initial supply of Snapdragon 835 processors for its own Galaxy S8, it doesn’t look like most manufacturers will be able to announce their own devices running the same chipset. However, the fact that Samsung isn’t going to be making an appearance at the MWC 2017 trade show would have been a load off HTC’s back had the manufacturer resorted to announcing phones at the trade show rather than in early 2017.

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The U Ultra’s Snapdragon 821 chipset isn’t the only thing wrong with the smartphone, especially now that 2017 has started. It doesn’t feature a headphone jack (and the phone’s packaging doesn’t include an adapter for it either), is overpriced ($749 for the base model) and it doesn’t ship until mid-March. Its 2017 and the company’s plan would be to immediately be working on a phone that’s going to be a worthy contender against other Android flagships by getting outfitted with a Snapdragon 835. Instead, we have an overpriced premium phone with hardware from 2016 that doesn’t ship until the month of March.

The shipment date naturally means that an HTC-branded flagship is going to appear during the later months of 2017 otherwise all of their efforts would have been in vain. MWC 2017 is a platform that’s dedicated towards phone manufacturers so if a struggling company does not end up making an appearance there, it has pretty much shot itself in the foot with this decision. If the U Ultra came with a competitive price tag, our hostility towards the Snapdragon 821-powered handset would have been much less compared to what we’re displaying right now and these are exactly the kind of decisions why HTC has been left behind in the smartphone race.

With the available funds, HTC could have allocated them towards significant marketing of the Snapdragon 835 flagship, and marketing is something that the company hardly works on when introducing high-end phones. Instead, the company will probably resort to just an announcement, followed by lack-luster marketing of the upcoming flagship, whereas Samsung is going to be doing the complete opposite.

Don’t get us wrong, HTC makes some of the most amazing Android-powered handsets out there, but this decision, in our opinion, will definitely come to haunt it. Are you guys on the same page, or do you have a different thought on this topic? Let us know right away.

HTC should not have included the U Ultra for its 2017 lineup