HTC Nexus 9 of Tegra K1 Fame Releasing Mid-October

Rafia Shaikh

HTC Nexus 9 - also known as Volantis - has become quite popular a tablet for past couple months. Getting the attention because of the all-so-powerful Nvidia Tegra K1 chip, this would be the first Nexus device of the year. Earlier in the week, we shared with you a bit leaked about HTC Nexus 9 revealing its launch date to be October 8th, however, today's leak suggests a little later date is more Nexus 9 launch

HTC Nexus 9 launch date:

HTC Volantis is a 9-inch tablet suggested to be powered by the extremely powerful Tegra K1 processing chip. While the Nexus line itself is quite popular among the Android fans, inclusion of a strong chipset has added in the popularity and the rumor mill of the Nexus 9 tablet. On Monday, a Portuguese source had revealed some details about this first Nexus device of 2014 hinting at an October date. Before that, a leak coming from Nvidia itself had mentioned "third quarter" as the HTC Nexus 9 launch date. While the quarter is still third, the date is a bit later than 8th October, as was previously rumored.

The latest bit comes from a trusted Android source (who actually is sourcing this information to an anonymous tipster - alert!) sharing that the Volantis will be launched on October 16:

If you are wondering why the HTC Nexus 9 launch date is so much in rumors, it is likely to be the first device to sport Android L with a very powerful chip. Nexus 9 also sports a new tube-shaped waterproof and a very rugged 16-megapixel camera possibly promoting us poor users to start wildlife or cave-photography through a smartphone. We will see how the processor or the camera fares once the tablet is out though.

Note: Paul is quite a trusted and respected fellow of the Android community; he is founder of the MoDaCo mobile community. However, that phrasal salt-pepper shaker has to be kept near - always!

- Source: Paul O' Brien

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