HTC Edge with Quad Core CPU leaked

Ammar Malik

If you thought dual-cores were enough then HTC might have something twice as good in store for you. Rumored for release in Q2 2012 the HTC Edge is the world's first phone that will come with a quad-core CPU. Measuring slightly over 10mm in thickness with a 4.7" SLCD, HTC looks very much like a successor to the recently announced Rezound. It will come with a similar 720p screen, 1GB of RAM and a 8MP camera with f/2.2, 28mm lens.

The CPU in question is the recently unveiled Tegra 3 from nVidia which runs at 1.5Ghz on all four cores. Internal storage will probably be around 32GB or 64GB. The phone will come with integrated Beats Audio with iBeats headphones. Also rumored to release with the phone is a flurry of new HTC services such as HTC Music, HTC Read, HTC Play and HTC Watch. While nothing is known about what version of Sense or Android it will ship with, it's not illogical to assume it's likely going to be Ice Cream Sandwich with a suitable version of Sense.

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