Steelrising Guide – How to Level Up Fast

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how to level up fast aegis in steelrising

Steelrising offers many different power-ups for the main character, Aegis. They can be accessed through Vestals, statues that can be found at various points of each level, and Horseless Carriages, also valid for fast travel. To unlock one or more power-ups, you need to get enough Anima Essences and upgrade your attributes. Leveling up fast in Steelrising does not mean you only need to kill every enemy you find as you progress through the game. There are several ways to get enough Anima Essences and upgrade your stats fast. We will explain them all in our guide.

How to Level Up Aegis

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When activating a Vestal, you can upgrade your attributes using Anima Essence. You can also enhance your equipment using materials you got in your playthrough. Moreover, you can obtain new equipment, including outfits and weapons, by spending Anima Essence.

You can improve six attributes in the game: Power, Durability, Agility, Vigour, Elemental Alchemy, and Engineering. Each one impacts your stats, upgrading your overall health, endurance, physical damage you deal to your enemies, resistance to flame, frost, and much more.

Every time you enhance your attributes, you will level up in Steelrising. Your statistics will improve, and Aegis will become stronger, but remember that each power-up will cost you more Anima Essences than the previous one. At higher levels, you will need thousand of them to level up.

Tips for Leveling Up Fast in Steelrising

Leveling up fast in Steelrising should not be difficult if you keep our tips in mind. There are several ways to gain Anima Essences; you can find them below.

Kill Every Enemy

As for any other Soulslike game, you get the in-game currency by successfully killing enemies. Steelrising is no exception; every execution rewards you with an amount of Anima Essences. Tougher foes and Titans will give you more essence but are challenging to defeat. Take your time to find the weapons you are comfortable with, and then you will undoubtedly have an easier time with any of them. You can also use your Grenades to attack the enemies. You will find plenty of Automats to kill along your path, and when you sit at a Vestal, the ones you have defeated will return to life, which means more Anima Essences for you. You will find many good spots to farm at every level of the game, so take your time and kill as many enemies as possible to level up fast.

Explore Everything in Detail

Steelrising features some hidden areas that are not accessible right from the start of the game. You need specific tools to break particular walls and doors and reach some rooftops and other higher areas, such as balconies and terraces. These items are unavailable initially, and you will unlock them as you progress through the main story. The Alchemist’s Ram lets you destroy breakable walls, while the Bishop’s Hook gives you access to the high ground. After you get these tools, you can get back to the starting levels and explore any previously inaccessible area. Most of the time will find other enemies and good loot. This also includes Spirit Essences of various types that, once used, reward you with extra Anima Essences.

Equip the Avarice Module

You can equip different modules in Steelrising to improve specific stats and abilities that Aegis can use during the game. One of them is called the Avarice Module, which slightly increases the amount of Anima Essence you will obtain from any enemy you defeat. In other words, you will get bonus Anima Essences after each kill. This way, you will be able to level up faster in Steelrising.

Enhance your Engineering Stats

When you power up your Engineering stats in the Attributes menu, you also act on the Loot Multiplier. This is directly tied to the Anima Essences you get after each successful kill, so the higher the multiplier is, the more in-game currency you obtain. If you want to level up fast in Steelrising, you should not forget to enhance the Engineering attributes along with the others.

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