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Steelrising might not be the easiest game to deal with, as it features challenging fights and many soulslike mechanics. Players, however, might feel disoriented when they first start their journey because the main character, Aegis, cannot simply parry with any weapon of the game. In Steelrising, the counterattack ability is tied to specific weapons only and requires excellent timing to be effectively used. This guide will explain how to counterattack in Steelrising and which weapons let you do that in the game.

How to Counterattack in Steelrising

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Steelrising features many different weapons of various types, such as claws, halberds, and dual swords. Each has its unique move, and only a few have the Counterattack ability. To successfully perform a parry in this game, you need to equip a weapon with Counterattack and press the corresponding button to execute your special move when an enemy is about to hit you.

Aegis’ counterattack animation lasts roughly half a second, so you must calculate the timings well if you want to block any incoming damage and hit your foe afterward. This move deals a good amount of damage to the enemies, and depending on the weapon you have equipped, it can also inflict alchemical damage or throw them off balance.

Which Weapons Have the Counterattack Move?

A few weapons have the counterattack move that lets you parry in the game. You will find many of them as you progress on your journey, and you can also buy them in the Boutique. Let’s see the best ones below.

  • Fire and Ice: when this weapon of medium weight is equipped, each successful parry is followed by an elemental counterattack that deals both Flame and Frost damage.
  • Foil and Dagger: when this weapon of medium weight is equipped, each successful parry turns the enemy’s power against it, temporarily disrupting its attack.
  • Charleville Bayonet: when this gun is equipped, each successful parry turns the power of your enemy’s attacks against them and also deals significant alchemical Flame damage.
  • Wheel of Vengeance: when this heavy weapon is equipped, each successful parry can throw the enemies off balance and inflict Flame damage.
  • Nemesis Claws: with this weapon of medium weight, any well-timed parry reverses the effects of the enemy’s attack and deals Physical damage.
  • Nemesis Fans: when this weapon of medium weight is equipped, any successful parry leads to using the strength of the enemy’s attack against them, momentarily confusing them.

How to Master the Parry Technique in Steelrising

If you want to use this ability effectively, you should dedicate some time to master the parry technique against weaker enemies first and then apply it to tougher ones. You will find it more and more helpful as you progress in the game, as Automats will be stronger, and you will face angry and powerful Titans that can kill you in no time if you get caught off guard.

You also need to find the build that best fits your playstyle. For example, the Charleville Bayonet is an excellent choice for anyone that wants to focus on an alchemical build for Aegis. At the same time, the Wheel of Vengeance is a good fit if you prefer to fight with heavy weapons, slower but usually more potent than medium ones.

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And if you need more help with Steelrising, you can also read our guide regarding the starting classes of the game and our beginner’s tips.

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