Steelrising Guide – All Starting Classes Explained


When you first start playing Steelrising, you get the chance to choose your preferred class to begin the game with. There are four different classes available, each with unique characteristics that will influence the early stages of your journey. These are Bodyguard, Soldier, Dancer, and Alchemist. However, you can enhance each stat as you progress through the game, unlock every other weapon, and get many different consumables and grenades. So don’t worry too much if you feel that you have picked the wrong starting class; you can then power up Aegis based on your playstyle.

In this guide, however, we will analyze each Steelrising class in detail and explain how they work. We will also give you valuable tips to help you choose the best starting class so that you won’t have any regret during the first stages of your adventure.

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Steelrising: Bodyguard Class

The Bodyguard class is focused on dealing heavy physical damage to enemies with the hammer, called Body of Work. This weapon is excellent against Automats, as you can destroy most of them with a few hits in the early stages of the game, but it is also incredibly slow and doesn’t fit every play style. You must get the right timing, or you will miss your enemies. Body of Work also comes with a special move that lets you block incoming attacks at the cost of some of your Endurance. Moreover, you get an item called Petrification Grenade, which can be thrown at enemies to immobilize them for some seconds.

This class starts with +3 Durability points, which increase Health and Balance stats. Engineering is also enhanced, improving the Armour, the power of Alchemical Afflictions, and raising the chances of finding loot.

Steelrising: Soldier Class

The Soldier class in Steelrising comes with a heavy weapon called Gribeauval Halberd. It has a good range and is an excellent fit for those who don’t know which class to choose. It is, in fact, well balanced and easy to use. The weapon’s special move lets you shoot from a distance, dealing extra damage to Automats. The Soldier also starts with the Explosive Grenade, an item that enables you to stun your enemies for some time.

This class comes with +3 Power stats that increase Physical Damage and Impact. It also has +2 Vigour, which enhances Endurance and Critical Damage inflicted on opponents.

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Steelrising: Dancer Class

The Dancer class is a perfect fit for everyone that likes fast-paced combats. It comes equipped with the so-called Armoured Fans, a light weapon that lets you move and attack quickly and can block incoming attacks from your enemies. The Physical Damage dealt is not as high as the one tied to Body of Work or Gribeauval Halberd; however, when using Armoured Fans, Aegis can chain attacks together for the best outcome. Dancers also start with the Flame Grenade, an explosive projectile that can be thrown at enemies to ignite them.

This class comes with +3 Agility, which increases Immobilisation and Physical Damage. It also has +2 Vigour, enhancing both Endurance and Critical Damage inflicted on enemies.

Steelrising: Alchemist Class

The Alchemist class has a light weapon equipped, called Glass-core Batons. Its attacks are fast, and you can use the special move to infuse it with Frost for a few seconds. When you hit your enemies a few times, you will freeze them temporarily, leaving them vulnerable and exposed to any attack. You can choose this class if you want to experiment with Alchemical Afflictions right from the beginning of the game. Alchemists also have the Alchemical Resistance Vial equipped, which neutralizes enemy alchemical attacks.

This class starts with +3 Elemental Alchemy, which increases alchemical damage and resistance, and +2 Engineering. The latter enhances Armour, along with the effectiveness of Alchemical Afflictions and the chances of finding loot.

And if you still need help with Steelrising, you can find our beginner’s guide with tips and tricks here.

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