Steelrising Guide – Best Weapons in the Game

Steelrising features a wide range of weapons that Aegis can use. You start your adventure with a standard one, but you will soon be able to change it with other items that better fit your playstyle. You can find new weapons during exploration or buy them in the Boutique, using Anima Essences for paying. There are more than 40 weapons in the game, split into different categories, each with unique characteristics and special moves. This guide will show you the best ones you can drop or buy in Steelrising.

Nemesis Claws

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The Nemesis Claws can be found pretty early in the game and are an excellent choice for anyone that likes playing with fast and sharp weapons. They deal a good amount of damage to enemies and can hit them repeatedly in a short amount of time. Nemesis Claws also rapidly fill the Immobilization meter, thanks to their quick attacks.

Their special move is Counterattack, so any perfectly timed parry leads to extra Physical damage dealt to enemies.

Wheel of Vengeance

The Wheel of Vengeance is a heavy weapon, so its attacks are quite slow. However, you can deal massive damage to any enemy with this wheel since its offensives are extremely powerful. This weapon is the right choice if you want to play Steelrising with a Power-based build.

Moreover, its Counterattack move lets you throw any enemy off balance and inflict Flame Damage after a successful parry. You need to practice a bit, but once you master this technique, you can knock your foes down in a few seconds.

Charleville 1789 Shield Musket

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The Charleville 1789 Shield Musket is a great long-ranged weapon, and you can find and equip it early in the game. It deals Frost damage to any enemy and can freeze them if they get hit enough times. You can monitor that by looking at the frost meter when in combat. Then, you can attack them repeatedly with this or another weapon, potentially dealing enough damage.

The Charleville 1789 Shield Musket comes with a helpful special move called Shield. This gun has a retractable defensive shield in Steelrising; when deployed, you can protect yourself from incoming attacks.

Falchion and Sabre

The Falchion and Sabre weapons are great for players who like playing with dual swords, dealing fast yet considerable damage to enemies. Inflicting Immobilization damage is pretty easy with them, and you will fill the meter in no time.

Its special move, called Blaze Tornado, is one of the most interesting of the game, as it lets you perform a spinning attack that delivers several consecutive hits if perfectly landed. You need to practice that, however, as it potentially leaves you without any cover and vulnerable to enemy weapons when executed.

Fire Chain

The Fire Chain can be found in the first hours of playing and makes an excellent addition to your arsenal, as it is a versatile and powerful weapon. It has a good range overall and deals significant Physical damage to enemies, particularly when upgraded. The animations tied to its attacks are not the shortest, however, so you need to practice with this one before being able to master it perfectly.

Its special move, called Invocation of Fire, lets you inflict Flame Damage to your foes by enabling fire attacks for a limited time.

Fire and Ice

This weapon is excellent if you are looking for fast blades coupled with the Counterattack special move. Fire and Ice let you hit your enemies repeatedly within a short time, are pretty easy to use, and get along well with the Dancer build.

With the special move tied to this weapon, any successful parry is followed by an elemental counterattack that deals both Flame and Frost damage to enemies.

If you still need help with Steelrising, you can read our beginner’s guide here. And if you are looking for the best class to start the game with, you will find a full explanation on Wccftech.

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