How to Enable Incognito Mode in Safari for iOS 15, iPadOS


We will show you how you can use Safari in incognito mode in iOS 15 and iPadOS running iPhone and iPad, respectively.

Learn to Enable Incognito Mode (Private Browsing) in Safari for iOS 15 and iPadOS in a Few Easy Steps

If you are absolutely brand new to the iPhone or iPad, then things might look a different compared to the platform you're coming from. And if you are getting yourself acquainted with Safari for iOS 15 and iPadOS, then you are obviously wondering how you can turn on incognito mode for a private browsing session.

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In today's tutorial we will walk you through how you can enable the feature and even turn it off so you can return browsing back to normal.


There are two ways you can jump into incognito mode. Either you can open up a tab quickly right from the Home Screen or by opening up a new private browsing session from inside Safari. Let's start with the Home Screen method.

Find the Safari icon and then tap and hold on it until you see a list of options. Simply tap on New Private Tab and you'll jump straight into a new tab and browse completely privately.

Second method involves going into incognito mode from inside Safari. Here's how it goes:

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Step 1. Launch the Safari app from the Home Screen.

Step 2. Now tap on the tabs icon as shown below. The icon can be found on the top right if you're using iPadOS.

Step 3. You'll see an option that says Start Page. Tap on it to open.

Step 4. Tap on Private.

Step 5. Now tap on the + sign to open a new private browsing tab.

Once you're done with incognito mode, tap on the tabs button, tap on Private and then select Start Page. Remember, Safari will keep your private tabs in memory if you do not close them. But of course, it won't record anything in history. Therefore it is highly recommended that you close all your private tabs before ending your private browsing session.

If you're coming from Chrome in Android to Safari then you have to re-learn a few things to get into incognito browsing mode in iOS 15 and iPadOS. But interestingly, Chrome for iOS and iPadOS works in the same way as its Android counterpart.

Which browser you end up using it entirely your choice though. Both offer similar functionality but you get more cross-platform syncing features especially if you stick with Chrome.

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