How to Put a PIN Lock on Your Netflix Profile – Complete Tutorial


If you share a Netflix account with other people, then it is possible that at times you were wary of other people judging you for your movie or season choices. Everyone has guilty pleasures, and no one wants to be judged for what they do to entertain themselves during their free hours. In this tutorial, I will show you how to put a PIN lock on your Netflix profile.

Put PIN Lock on Netflix Profile

The PIN feature is great and is perfect for people who are paranoid about other people checking out their account activity.

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Step-1: Sign in to your Netflix account. [I logged in on my browser]

Step-2: Choose the profile you want to apply a PIN to.

PIN Lock on Netflix Profile
Step-3: Hover your cursor on the profile icon at the top right corner.

PIN Lock on Netflix Profile
Step-4: Select Account.

PIN Lock on Netflix Profile
Step-5: In the PROFILE & PARENTAL CONTROLS section, select the profile you want to apply the PIN to.

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PIN Lock on Netflix Profile
Step-6: Once the option expands, click on Change next to Profile Lock.

PIN Lock on Netflix Profile
Step-7: Add your account password [the one you use to sign in to your Netflix account] and click Continue.

Account password
Step-8: Check the Require a PIN to access Zarmeen’s profile box.

Require PIN box
Step-9: Once you do check the box, four boxes will appear, and you have to enter your future PIN that you will need to access the profile.

Add PIN number
Step-10: If you want to use this PIN to add new profiles, check the Require Zarmeen’s PIN to add new profiles box. If you don’t want this, leave it unchecked.

PIN number
Step-11: Click Save.

PIN Lock on Netflix Profile
After this, the profile lock will be applied, and as proof of this, on the screen where you see all profiles that are using the account, you will see a lock underneath the profile in which you applied the PIN lock.

PIN Lock on Netflix Profile
Once you click on this profile. You will see this screen:

Enter PIN
Just add the PIN to access your Netflix profile.

[For some reason, if you can't see the lock underneath the profile icon, log out of your account and sign in again. You will be able to see your profile lock now. ]