Make iOS 13 Instantly Faster on Older iPhones [How to]


Here's how you can make iOS 13 instantly faster on older iPhones in a few easy steps. These steps apply to older iOS versions too.

No matter what Apple does, its brand new software is always going to be a stuttering mess on older hardware. This time around, we have our sights on the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE. While these phones do pack capable enough hardware, but from time to time you are going to experience some sort of performance related chaos.

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In order to make things right, you have the option of making iOS 13 slightly faster by getting rid of some system animations. While this is not a solid solution to the problem, but it does help when you are jumping from one app to the other. Trust me, it does help a lot, but you do lose some eye-candy. Pick your iPhone up and we'll show you what you should do right now:

1. Launch the Settings app.

2. Scroll down and tap on Accessibility.

3. Select Motion.

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4. Find the entry labeled Reduce Motion and tap on it to turn it ON.

In order to confirm that the settings have been applied, just press the Home button on your iPhone. You'll notice that you will jump straight to the home screen without any sort of fancy animation. Essentially, certain tasks will feel much faster than before. But obviously, don't expect your Geekbench scores to jump through the roof or anything. If you have an iPhone with bad Battery Health, then you are throttled anyway by the operating system, and something which can only be fixed for good if you have your battery replaced by Apple. Sure, you can go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health to turn off throttling, but then be ready to face unexpected shutdowns from time to time.