Keyboard Shortcut for Quick Note on Mac and iPad [macOS and iPadOS]


There is a nifty keyboard shortcut if you want to take a Quick Note on your iPad or Mac running iPadOS or macOS, respectively.

Initiate a Quick Note Using a Keyboard Shortcut on Your Mac or iPad and Always be Ready to Take a Note

Quick Note is a feature which has been around for a while. Simply put, it lets you quickly take a note. There's no better explanation to how it works, really.

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In order to take a Quick Note on the Mac, just take your mouse pointer to the bottom right corner of the display and you'll see a small window peek into the display. Click on it and you'll be taking a new note in no time.

On the iPad, just swipe in from the bottom right hand corner and you can type of scribble away using Quick Note. It's a fun way and sits well with a lot of users out there.

What if we told you that you can fire up a new Quick Note by using a keyboard shortcut instead on both Mac and iPad? Ladies and gentlemen, just press Fn/Globe + Q keys together and watch Quick Note come to life in an instant.

While this is an amazing shortcut, but on the iPad, you do need a hardware keyboard for it. If you do not, then swiping in from the bottom right of the display is your go-to method to launch Quick Note, until or unless you have disabled the feature from the Settings app.

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Also keep in mind that even if you have the Quick Note feature disabled on your Mac or iPad, the keyboard shortcut will simply override everything so you can take down a new note in an instant, wherever you are in macOS or iPadOS. This is actually fantastic, especially if you don't like the fact that accidentally going to the corner of the display brings up the Notes app.

If you have Quick Note disabled on your iPad and don't have the hardware keyboard attached then you still have the option to use the feature. Simply add a Quick Note toggle switch to Control Center by going to Settings > Control Center. Tap on the toggle switch from Control Center and you'll have a new note window floating in an instant.

I usually keep the corner swipe gesture turned on, in case I want to take a Quick Note and don't have any hardware keyboard connected. Your mileage and route may vary and you know multiple methods to launch a Quick Note.

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