Disable Quick Note on iPad Running iPadOS [Tutorial]


You can disable the iPadOS Quick Note feature from your iPad in a few simple steps, allowing you to never accidentally enable the feature.

Annoyed by Quick Note on iPad and Accidentally Launching it from Time to time? Here's How You Can Disable it Completely

If there's one device that deserves to be more on the road other than a laptop, it's most likely an iPad. And with iPadOS, the underlying software for the tablet, Apple has stepped up a lot of things for those on the go, including the ability to take notes quickly and easily with features like Quick Note.

The way Quick Note works is very remarkable and well thought out. Just swipe in from the bottom right corner of the display using your finger or the Apple Pencil and you'll see an instance of the Notes app pop right up. You can jot down anything you like and quickly access it whenever you like. It's super handy, extremely well crafted and it just works.

It's all fun and games until you realize that you do not use the feature at all and you end up accidentally triggering it way more than you normally should. In that case, you can actually disable the Quick Note feature and never come across it no matter what you did. If that's why you are here, to disable Quick Note on your iPad, then here's what you should do.

Disable Quick Note on iPad

Step 1. Launch the Settings app on your iPad.

Step 2. Scroll down and tap on General.

Step 3. Now open up Gestures.

Step 4. Tap on Right Corner Swipe.

Step 5. Select Off.

You can always re-enable the feature anytime you like and even change the gesture from the right side of the screen to the left one. Furthermore, macOS Monterey has Quick Note feature as well and that too can be disabled if you like.

For me, Quick Note is an extremely handy feature, and one which I end up using from time to time. But if you think it's only causing problems for you, then you can disable it using the steps outlined above. Or, simply change how Quick Note shows up, by moving the gesture from one corner of the display to the other. Though the choice on the iPad is extremely limited to either left or right, macOS Monterey allows you to use all four corners of the display if you want to launch a Quick Note.

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