Install One UI 4.0 Beta on Galaxy S21 Phones [How To]

Install One UI 4.0 Beta on Galaxy S21 Phones [How To]

The Galaxy S21 series has finally received the One UI 4.0 beta, and sadly, the update beta program at the moment is only available in a handful of countries -- seven to be precise, and while the stable update is going to come out by the end of this year, a lot of people have been looking forward to trying the update.

While there is no official way of trying the update on your Galaxy S21, if you have been tinkering with Android for some time or know-how to flash firmware, we can help you install One UI 4.0 on your Galaxy S21 devices. The process is long, but it works for both Snapdragon and Exynos variants of the phone. So, if you want to go ahead and try it out, you are at the right place.

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Note: Make sure that the version(s) you are downloading corresponds to your phone's model number. We will not be responsible if you flash the wrong software or update, and that results in your phone getting bricked.

Step 1: Downloading the Right Files to Install One UI 4.0 Beta

The first step is to download the correct files to help you get started with the One UI 4.0 beta on your phone.

  1. The first thing you need is ODIN that you can download from here.
  2. Next up, you are going to need SDK Platform-tools. Download them from here, and extract the files where it is easily accessible.
  3. Current stock firmware of your device. The right thing is to download the latest stock firmware and ensure it corresponds to the beta from one of the seven countries. So, for instance, since the U.K. is getting the beta update, you should download the U.K. firmware. Doing otherwise will not work. You can download the firmware from here. And extract it.
  4. Beta update zip file. You will need to copy this in the Platform-tools folder and rename it to for easier access.
    Snapdragon Version: Download.
    Exynos Version: Download.

Step 2: Backing Up Your Data to Install One UI 4.0 Beta

This step is unnecessary, but if you are looking to be on the safer side, we highly suggest that you back up your data.

You can do so by using the following methods.

  1. Samsung Smart Switch for PC.
  2. Samsung Cloud Back from your device settings.
  3. Google Backup from your device settings.
  4. Making manual backup using a USB cable is especially useful if you have a lot of data.

Step 3: Flashing the Current Stable Firmware on Your Exynos or Snapdragon Device

This is the step you have to be careful about and ensure that you are flashing the correct firmware because we are not looking to run into any issues here.

  1. Start by running ODIN.
  2. Connect your phone in Download Mode by turning off the device, pressing and holding the volume up and down buttons together, and plugging the device into the computer. Once you are at the disclaimer page, press up.
  3. Click on the BL button and navigate to the folder where you extracted the firmware in the first step and choose the file that looks like BL_xxx.tar.md5. Repeat the same process with AP, CP, and CSC (NOT HOME_CSC). You must know that AP will take the most time, so do not worry and let it load. Do not change any other settings in ODIN.
  4. Once all the files are populated in ODIN, click Start and wait for the process to complete.
  5. ODIN will display "Success," and your device will reboot to the system.
  6. Once that is done, power off your phone and proceed to the next step.

Step 4: How to Install One UI 4.0 Beta

This is the final step of the process, and this is just as important as the last step, albeit a bit easier.

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  1. Start by booting your phone into recovery by turning off the phone if it is not already turned off. Then press the power and volume up button and once you see the Samsung logo, release both buttons.
  2. Select "Install update from ADB."
  3. Open the Platform-tools folder on your computer, hold Shift, and right-click, select "Open command prompt here."
  4. Enter "adb sideload" command" and press enter.
  5. Wait for the process to finish.
  6. Once it is over, power on your phone by pressing the power button, and your device should boot into the One UI 4.0 beta.
  7. From that point, you have to follow the instructions, and you are good to go.

We understand that the process to install One UI 4.0 beta is a bit comp. Still, if but if you are keen on trying the One UI 4.0 beta, this is the best way to get it done because Samsung has not mentioned if they are planning on extending the support for other countries.

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